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CirCairo: Cairo International Circus Festival
CirCairo: Cairo International Circus Festival
Published On: 06/10/2010

The month of October is chock-full of unique opportunities that are not an everyday occurrence in Cairo, and this intriguing festival is by no means an exception. When some of you hear the word circus, your mind might automatically shift to a glaring image of underfed animals and stale popcorn; instead, think more along the lines of fire, dancing, magic, and more!

For the first time in Cairo, Al Mawrad Al Thaqafy (Cultural Resource) has organised a Circus Festival from October 6th until the 23rd, and this is definitely a gathering that you won’t want to miss. Al Mawrad Al Thaqafy is a non-profit organisation that supports artistic creativity in the Arab region. The organisation’s promotion of cultural exchange has provided an avenue to collaborate with artists worldwide in an attempt to re-introduce circus culture to Cairo.

Several circus groups and performers from a diverse group of Arab and European countries will grace the stage at El Genaina’s open-air theatre in Al Azhar Park as well as other venues such as Darb 17 18 and cultural houses on Muez Street. The festival aims at attracting public attention through the use of the circus culture but also at promoting the circus’s true-to-spirit artistic values. The simple entertainment factor of the traditional circus that we all know and love will be present in concept and atmosphere.

The line-up of performers includes the Los2 Playteam from Spain. Known for their immense energy and extensive street performance experience, this group has earned several awards, including first place at the Ayumor Asoka Festival in Spain.

For a night of comedy blended with circus performing, you wouldn’t want to miss Electric Circus from Iraq. Having performed over 270 shows all across England and Europe, this comedy team formed after the Iraqi war broke out in 2001. Since then, they have been performing comedy shows throughout Iraq.

The festival features daily performances by diverse groups and workshops led by participating teams, in addition to training opportunities for children.

Don’t miss the lively opening ceremony at the Marble Promenade of Al Azhar Park on the 6th of October. Starting at 5PM, the ceremony will feature performances by two groups from Egypt, I Baccala from Italy, the Electric Circus from the UK, and Circus Baf from Belgium.

The best part about the circus festival is that all performances are free of charge; so there’s no reason to not check out the circus fuss!

For more information, check out the CirCairo website here and as always, stay tuned to Cairo 360 for the latest news and developments.



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