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The Cairo Guide to Charities in Ramadan 2011
The Cairo Guide to Charities in Ramadan 2011
Published On: 04/08/2011

While no food bag or cheque goes unappreciated in times of need, if you’re looking for a way to go that extra mile this Ramadan, consider supporting some of these charities with your time or money.

Kheir we Baraka/Peace and Plenty Association

Kheir we Baraka is a licensed volunteer organization that is dedicated to providing the residents of unplanned communities with the tools to live with dignity in a clean, healthy, and safe environment. Their current projects focus specifically on the community of Ezbet Khairalla and are working to improve the area by cleaning up trash and waste in the neighbourhood. On a regular basis, teams of doctors come in to provide both basic and specialty checkups and services. A preschool education program works with both children and their mothers and has grown to include over 900 mothers and 2000 children. The Council of Antiquities has become involved with the site and is working with Peace and Plenty to restore Ezbet Khairalla’s ancient sites, and hopefully even promote tourism there in the future.

Want to Help Out? Contribute your expertise to any of the existing committees, or participate in some field work. Donations of money, clothes, furniture, and school supplies are always needed.

Waqfeyat Al Maadi Community Foundation

Waqfeyat Al Maadi seeks to offer Ramadan bags filled with produce from the Coalition of Farmers NGO. Two bags are available: the first (65LE) contains tea, oil, rice, sugar macaroni and ghee among others, while the second (85LE) includes the same items plus a whole chicken. The produce is sourced from the Farmers NGO, which encompasses 5 million farmers in Egypt. So by buying the bag, you’ll be helping a farmer and also donating it to a needy family. You can order a bag through their website so there will be time for farmers to prepare it, then pick it up and distribute it yourself, or have the organization distribute it for you to disadvantaged families in the slum areas of Helwan. Find more information here or call 0181722224 or 02 25272445

Want to help out? Volunteers are always needed to assess the community’s needs and to help distribute bags.

Stabl Antar Dream (SAD)

SAD seeks to alleviate the poverty-stricken lives of Egyptians in slum areas by creating a long-term development plan, rather than just a one-off handout of goods or services. Working in both Stabl Antar and Ezbet Khairalla, SAD runs a community school program and a number of awareness programs both for working women and those that stay at home. Residents are encouraged to participate in other projects such as the handicraft workshop, where women can hone their skills and produce income from the things they create, as well as health and literacy programs and vocational training. SAD runs a very extensive, but effective operation and is always in need of donations and volunteers; so please consider helping them out!

Want to Help Out? Simply complete the volunteer application form and SAD will place you in an area most relevant to your skills and experience. You can also donate directly to their bank account.

FACE for Children in Need

Founded in 2003, FACE works with street children in Cairo and has launched several orphanage projects in and around Cairo. FACE has established two orphanages in Hegazy and Maadi that seek to battle the epidemic of abandoned newborns in Cairo with a staff of knowledgeable and dedicated caregivers. A third orphanage in Zeitoun takes children of up to eighteen-years-old, and a fourth in Benha, which will house children from two to six-years-old, is still in the process of being renovated. Over 6500 orphans are currently registered in legal institutions throughout Egypt, but FACE only has the resources to accommodate about 200 at a time. With your help, they can continue to expand as they fight poverty and child neglect in Egypt.

Want to Help Out? Fill out the volunteer application and FACE will find a place for you, though they request that you be able to commit to a minimum of three months in order to ensure continuity in the program. Donations can be made online or in the form of a bank transfer.

The Right to Live Association for the Intellectually Disabled

The Right to Live Association had modest beginnings in the courtyard of a small Cairo school in 1981. The organisation has since grown into a massive project that aims to ensure the welfare of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families through rehabilitation centres, vocational training and workshops, and self help and counselling programs, in addition to early intervention care, which helps young children and their parents learn how to cope with disability.

Want to Help Out? Get involved with the RLA’s annual Right to Climb project, designed to raise much-needed funding and awareness for the intellectually disabled by completing a seven-day climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The cost of sponsoring a mentally disabled person can add up to 20,000LE per year, so donations are always appreciated.

Revolution AID Egypt

The Revolution AID Group (RAG) is a group of young volunteers who came together after the revolution to provide physical, emotional, and financial support to those injured during the January 25th revolution. RAG has formed a database of patients and a network of doctors, physical therapists and other NGOs to help them achieve their goals. Through the donations of volunteers they have managed to help over 200 cases financially, but more help is still needed!

Want to Help Out? Volunteer to work with one of RAG’s teams, or donate money, medication, rehabilitation services, or medical services. Find more information on their Facebook page.


This initiative works with underprivileged kids in the slum area of El Orouba (near the Ring Road) by financially supporting their school education, providing all their need school supplies and also working on character building through creative workshops, leadership programs and technical skills workshops. For the year 2011, Educate-Me aims to enrol 135 children into schools with the help of your donations. 200LE will pay for a year’s tuition for one child; 5400LE will pay for the uniform of all 135 kids and 3375LE will pay for 135 school bags.

Want to Help Out? Volunteers are always welcome and can participate in allot of the initiative’s brainstorming, workshops, fundraisings and more. Just fill out this questionnaire first. Donations can be made in cash or via bank transfers. For more information contact and check out their Facebook group.

Village of Hope for Development and Rehabilitation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Village of Hope (Al Amal Village) is a sanctuary for those with intellectual disabilities. Here, they can come together with others who understand what they are going through, and work with the centre’s leaders to live a normal life. Children and young adults learn the basic skills needed to live independently and are taught things such as baking, working with handicrafts, and in some cases electronics. Others have learned carpentry, agriculture, and animal husbandry as well. With the continued success of the Village of Hope, the organization is now looking to found a clinic to help parents in the early detection of mental disability in their children, and is always looking for support from those who can offer it.

Want to Help Out? Donations to the village can be made here.

Dar Al Orman Charity

Dar al Orman is a registered Egyptian NGO that sponsors a number of diverse projects. They run six orphanages and are currently working to expand an ‘alternative family program’ that places children in the homes of welcoming parents. In addition to their work with orphans, which also includes providing financial assistance and marriages to orphaned young women, Dar Al Orman runs the cancer patients' hospitality home, which houses patients at the National Institute for Cancer free of charge.

Want to help out? With over seven different projects spread all across Egypt, Dar Al Orman is always in need of volunteers. For more information about donations, go here.

What Other Charities Are There?

For more charities and initiatives, check out and for more ideas on which charities to donate to, as well as a calendar of events and organizations that need people to help out!

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