Priceless tells the story of Charlotte Williams, a pampered girl whose priorities in life include shopping for designer clothes and partying at posh nightclubs. Her supermodel mother passed away in a tragic accident when she was seven and her father believes that money is the answer to all life's problems, catering to Charlotte's every whim. But when her father is arrested for fraud, Charlotte is forced to face the world on her own without daddy's money.

As her father's material possessions disappear, so do her so-called friends. Everything in life seems to be ganging up on her. She finds herself surrounded by angry fraud victims and an even angrier press, so she flees to New Orleans to live with her beloved former nanny Millie, the closest thing she has had to a mother-daughter relationship. Millie's son Jackson isn't very fond of Charlotte for the snob that she used to be.

Away from all the fuss her dad left in his wake, Charlotte starts over. She meets hotshot fashionista Kat Karaby, who quickly becomes her best friend and encourages her to develop her singing talent. Charlotte soon joins Jackson's band and their relationship takes on a romantic twist.

But then the pace of the story abruptly changes when a stalker pops up out of nowhere, follows her around and threatens to kill her.

Priceless is the story of your run-of-the-mill wealthy girl who learns about selflessness and giving back. Although the novel has a clichéd storyline used before in many novels and films, the author manages to keep the reader engaged. You know where the novel is going, but you can't stop reading nonetheless.

Although the fact that Richie is now an author took us by surprise, her second novel Priceless exceeded all of our expectations. Richie has significantly improved as an author and the development in her prose is tangible. Her writing is witty and light. The fact that the story can easily have been inspired by the author’s life as a Hollywood celebrity and socialite is not lost on the reader.

Richie sincerely captures the turmoil of emotions that Charlotte goes through. However, Charlotte develops too quickly in the novel. Although the author struggles with the suspenseful parts of the novel, the romance and humour make up for it.