The Time of My Life tells Lucy Silchester's story with a fairytale-like twist. Her life isn't exactly as she wants it. She broke up with her boyfriend of five years, lost her swanky apartment, her high-end job and is now struggling in a new job that she absolutely loathes. Alienated from her family and friends, her life is in tatters.

A gold envelope lying on Lucy's carpet invites her to an appointment with her life, which Ahern personifies as a character named Cosmo. Ahern paints Cosmo as as a real person that Lucy gets to meet and talk to. After suffering from Lucy's negligence, her life decides that a face-to-face meeting is in order. Skipping one appointment after the other, Lucy finally decides to have a heart-to-heart with Cosmo.

Lucy is an unlikable character; it's extremely difficult to sympathise with her. Her immaturity and obsession with trivialities might cause you to throw your arms up in exasperation. She concocts lies that cause her life to spin out of control; harmless little lies that turn her life upside down. On the other hand, Cosmo is a pleasantly amusing character. At first, he arrives as a dishevelled, poorly-groomed man, mirroring Lucy's own life and gradually begins to smarten up as Lucy puts her life back together.

The Time of My Life introduces an intriguingly unfamiliar concept of personifying Lucy's life outside of her as a character. It offers a vivid demonstration of what happens when one stops paying attention to the things that really matter. Although the magical element in the story doesn't reinforce its sincerity, it makes for a humorous and witty read. The novel is thought-provoking, emotional and funny. It gets readers to think about their own lives and how easy it is to lose sight of the important things in life when one is so immersed in everyday chores.

Ahern's writing is engaging and succeeds in eliciting heartfelt laughter from readers. The bizarre originality of the book is to be applauded, but the development of events is a tad predictable.

The Time of My Life might not be a literary masterpiece, but falls right into the category of a lazy weekend read. Cecilia Ahern knows how to keep her fans guessing about her next book, and more often than not, she manages to deliver a uniquely original plot.