Located next door to On the Run on Tahrir Street in Dokki is a little café that we've always wondered about but forgotten soon thereafter. We decided to finally check it out and see what this Cairo café is all about.

Sage is a tiny place with modern decor and seating, and a simple counter with a shiny espresso machine in the background. Though it was empty at the time of this reviewer's visit, it definitely seems like the type of café to stop by for a quick coffee to go.

Though the menu states that soups, salads and a mix of cold and hot sandwiches are available, all that was on the shelf were a few prepared box salads and desserts. Salads run from 6LE to 10LE for a chef salad; a steal compared to other coffee shops in the Dokki neighbourhood.

Seeing as how we like our foam, we decided to give Sage's cappuccino (9LE) a shot. We were disappointed that skimmed milk wasn't available at the time of our visit. the cappuccino came served in a small takeaway cup with a small amount of foam on top. Though the foam was indeed present, the coffee lacked depth.

On the other hand, the fresh mango juice (6LE) was nicely chilled and full of pulp, though heavy on the sugar. Other available juices include strawberry and orange; nothing exotic or out of the ordinary.

Also for 6LE, a cup of chocolate and vanilla custard is lovingly prepared with a great consistency and a surprisingly rich flavour.

Other interesting drink options include a sahlab mocha (12LE) and tea served with fresh hibiscus.

Sage is the type of café that you would go to when in need of a cheap cup of coffee and you aren’t particularly concerned with the coffee's quality.