Wafflicious is a tiny café in Sheraton Heliopolis that offers mouth-watering and delicious waffles with only one branch in Cairo and another soon to open in the 5th Settlement.

The café is actually made up of a simple counter, with a young man behind it preparing the waffles single-handedly. Understandably; quick service is next to impossible if the shop is packed.

At the time of this reviewer's visit, the young man behind the counter was too friendly with lots of remarks. If their waffles weren't so deliciously good, we would have left.

Wafflicious is tiny with no seating whatsoever; which is a nuisance if you are hanging out with a big group of friends.

The waffles’ batter has been prepared in advance, which may make you question its freshness. You can have either the thick Belgian waffles or the thin American waffles: opt for the light and crispy if you have a full stomach. The thick and moist waffle is optimal if you are feeling peckish.

Without a menu to peruse, basic waffles cost 15LE with four toppings to choose from: chocolate spread (supposedly Nutella), white chocolate syrup, caramel syrup or honey. For an extra 5LE, you can add as many toppings as you want; provided that you choose either chocolate or fruits. Adding ice cream to your waffles is also an option.

Apart from the traditionally shaped waffle-makers, Wafflicious has the cutest Mickey Mouse-shaped waffle maker; the perfect treat for adults and children alike.

The only drawback to the waffles is that they send you into an overwhelming sugar-high, especially if you choose the chocolate toppings.

Wafflicious is a must when your craving for waffles kicks in. But careful, you can seriously get hooked on this stuff; you'll keep coming back for more.

The café offers a complimentary five-minute game of wii sports, adding a little sprinkle of fun to your dessert experience. After all, you need the brief workout to shake off the few extra calories. All we're waiting for is for Wafflicious to start branching out across Cairo.