Located at the intersection between Mobtadayan and El Komi Streets, El Rahmani is a small, white dessert shop that just barely fits its counter and fridge, yet it’s always bursting at the seams with customers clamouring for its well-known treat. This famous shop in Sayeda Zeinab offers only one item on its menu: sobia. And rumour has it that this is the best sobia in all of Cairo.

This cold, heavily-sweetened drink is made from coconut and rice milk, and at El Rahmani, it’s offered in two varieties: sweet or sour. Or, as the man behind the cash register explained in English, 'sweet or diet.' We sampled both and the diet sobia, like most things diet, tasted far inferior to its more popular and sweeter counterpart.

The sweet sobia was viscous, glutinous goodness, textured with small slices of coconut and finished off with a sprinkling of cinnamon. The sour sobia was not as thick and not nearly as delicious. Its flavour was strange and almost tasted fermented. Judging from other patrons' choices of sobia, the sweet kind is overwhelmingly the favourite at El Rahmani. However, at only 2.50LE, it’s affordable to sample both. For 8LE, you can buy a larger cup of sobia to take away.

There are no chairs or tables at this corner shop, but the hordes of people milling about with sobia in hand and sitting on the curbs attests to its popularity. Even on colder winter evenings, you’ll still find groups of people waiting to enjoy some cold sobia. El Rahmani gets quite crowded at night, so if you want a ledge to lean on or a curb to sit on, we recommend visiting in the afternoon.

However, stopping by for a late-night snack will give you the full El Rahmani experience. The shop is brightly lit and the lines, though long, move quickly. Sayeda Zeinab Square and Mosque are just around the corner, and the surrounding streets are lined with every type of shop that you could possibly imagine, so be sure to walk off this caloric dessert by taking a walk around the neighbourhood.

You can precede your journey to El Rahmani with a trip to Foul El Gahsh or Zein El Abdin Abu Ramy, two very popular joints in the area.