The aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls is capable of making the strictest of dieters succumb to a bite or two. Though Cinnzeo lacks that sweet, tantalising scent that is enough to attract customers from miles away; it still makes yummy cinnamon rolls.

Located next to Fuddruckers on the first floor of Citystars Mall in Heliopolis, Cinnzeo has a bright red and orange colour scheme that is difficult to miss even amidst the hustle and bustle of Cairo's largest mall. Offering very friendly service and calorie-laden cinnamon rolls, Cinnzeo provides a dessert experience that you will be looking forward to trying again.

At the time of our visit, we were the only customers at Cinnzeo; fortunately, this wasn't due to the pastry’s quality. It did make us the centre of the waiters' attention, though; which left us feeling a bit uncomfortable.

For starters, we ordered the mini-caramel pecaroll (14.99LE): a typical cinnamon roll drenched in caramel syrup and cream cheese icing, and topped with roasted pecans. Although it was a smaller version of the regular-sized caramel pecaroll, it still managed to send us into an overwhelming sugar high.

When our order arrived, we questioned the freshness of the caramel pecaroll; the bun was a bit hard to the touch and didn't melt in our mouths as promised. Our suspicions were verified when our plastic fork broke in half.

Also available on the menu is Cinnzeo's trademark cinnaroll (15.99LE), a cinnamon bun baked with cinnamon and brown sugar, and covered in cream cheese icing.

Out of sheer curiosity, we also sampled the mini-snacks (13.99LE): five bite-sized pieces of cinnamon rolls. For the best results, order a different topping for every piece: chocolate, caramel, cream cheese icing, strawberry and raspberry. If you want to taste a little something of everything, the mini-snacks are the perfect solution. And on the plus side, they're not too heavy on the stomach.

If you feel like having something a little more decadent and sugary, you can add extra toppings of cream cheese frosting, caramel, chocolate syrup and pecan, with prices starting at 2.99LE.

Also available at Cinnzeo is Movenpick's ice cream bar if you feel like ice cream with your dessert. Prices start at 10LE for one scoop, 18LE for two scoops and 26LE for three scoops.

Cinnzeo also offers hot and cold beverages. Options include espresso, fruit smoothies and fresh juices. We ordered the strawberry fresh juice (9.99LE) that didn't have enough strawberry for our liking, but had a nice pungent taste nonetheless.

Despite the fact that Cinnzeo's slogan ‘The best tasting cinnamon rolls on Earth’ is a bit of an exaggeration, you are not going to regret eating here. Who knows? You might get hooked on their cinnamon rolls.