We love our bread. There’s an undeniable comfort element found in our carbs, and the bakeries of Cairo might just be the very bane of our existence.

Located on Mohamed Farid Street round the corner from El Prince Restaurant, El Tawheed Bakery is always stocked with freshly baked goods. The green sign is minimal, but it’s hard to miss when you have to actually walk through the waft of freshly baked goodness.

The pavement outside the bakery is lined with croissants, pizzas, mini-pizzas, biscuits and more, while other standard breads are displayed on the racks in the back room. The bakery seems to be a family-owned joint; their smiling faces and patient bode well when you’re having trouble deciding what to choose.

Everyone’s got their favourite comfort pick when it comes to bakeries, and ours is definitely El Tawheed’s date-filled bread rings. The sweet baked bread is soft and fluffy with a smooth mixture of date filling that tastes ever so good with a cup of coffee.

Mustard pretzels are also available, both tiny and medium-sized, for 20LE per kilo. They make a great snack and their tangy bite is addictive; so watch out.

At the time of this reviewer’s visit, the croissants (0.75LE) were a little too crunchy for our liking. One type of pâté comes with roasted nuts (1.25LE) on top, making a heartier option, while the jelly-topped pastries are super sweet.

Depending on the day, El Tawheed has pizzas and pâtés filled with cheese as well. The pizzas are larger than the mini-ones that you would typically find at your standard bakery, and they are covered with fresh peppers, olives, onions and tomatoes.

When it comes to customer service, you’ll need patience at El Tawheed. With our routine experience at the bakery, we’ve noticed that it’s often slow and that’s not because it’s always crowded; they just like to take their merry time.

El Tawheed makes for a great location to stop by for a cheap and tasty treat when you’re in the Downtown Cairo neighbourhood.