Have you ever woken up craving a glass of fresh juice in exchange for your regular everyday stuff in the carton, but can’t be bothered with the preparation process? Well, worry no more!

If you’re in Zamalek, try Ganet Fawakeh El Zamalek, a little juice shop on 26th of July Street that serves freshly pressed and delicious fruit juice. Resembling a typical Egyptian fruit bar, Ganet Fawakeh hosts a marble counter with mixers, a deep freezer to store the juice in, and fruits hanging from the ceiling in net baskets as well as random arrangement of fruits on the counter.

The fruit shop serves seasonal and often unseasonal juice, including the traditional sugar cane, mango, strawberry and lemon as well as strawberry, guava, pomegranate and grapefruit. The shop also has a specialty juice; the carrot fakhfakhina. However, they are also open to you mixing your own ingredients of the fruits of your choice.

The sugar cane juice is the most expensive at 15LE a glass, while the orange and strawberry juices cost 3LE. Mango, guava, grapefruit and pomegranate cost 4LE. If you’d like a larger quantity to be delivered to your house, their small bottles measure up to three glasses and the big bottle measures up to seven glasses; so you do the math. Clearly ordering by the bottle is more practical and will only cost you a few more pounds, but it’s worth it for the clean and fresh juice that Ganet Fawakeh offers.

Like most Egyptians, Ganet Fawakeh is rather generous in the amounts of sugar that is added to the juices that they serve, so if you like your juice just right with only a hint of sugar; be sure to tell them that when ordering, especially if it’s an already sweet fruit such as pomegranate, strawberry or mango.

As far as local fruit bars are concerned, Ganet Fawakeh is among the few ones in Zamalek that actually offers amazing quality, fast service and fresh produce at a higher price than the norm. The reviewer had often passed by or tried it out at friends’ gatherings but became a regular of the place in no time, and ventured into trying different juices and exotic concoctions such as kiwi, pineapple and orange, which proved to be extremely refreshing and soothing

This little gem might be tiny but it definitely has a lot in store for its customers, so it is not to be underestimated!