It was only a few years ago that the world became a better place and life began to make more sense: the chocolate fountain was introduced to the open market; a wonderful machine creating deliciously fluid chocolate.

Before, we only found chocolate fountains at weddings and birthday parties, but nowadays you can also reach chocolate delirium in Citystars. Choco Falls is a small stand located in front of Golden Cinema on the ground floor of Citystars.

Choco Falls has quite some chocolate dipping options, such as fruit, crêpes, waffles, marshmallows, brownies and so on. Choco Falls uses only Belgian chocolate from the chocolate house of Callebaut; a one-hundred-year-old brand famous for its quality chocolate.

This reviewer opted for the wafflestick (10LE), a fruit and choco bowl (10LE) and the chocomallow crêpe (20LE). The Christmas tree-shaped wafflestick was a little bit floppy, and we suspect that the waffle itself would have tasted bland without the chocolate. However, the dark chocolate on top was wonderful and absolutely made up for the floppy wafflestick.

If you want to keep it a little bit healthy; then opt for the fruit and choco bowl. There are different kinds of fruit to choose from such as apple, banana, kiwi, cantaloupe and mango, but we were a bit disappointed that there were no strawberries. We dipped our fruit into white chocolate, which was absolutely delicious. The white chocolate tasted wonderful and combined with the zesty fruit, it was a little like chocolate heaven on earth.

We were ecstatic about trying the chocomallow crêpe, which we asked to be filled with milk chocolate. The crêpe is freshly baked on the spot, then filled with marshmallows and covered in chocolate sauce. While it sounds and looks great, the end result was a bit disappointing. The combination of the marshmallows and crêpe was a bit dry and needed more chocolate filling to make it tastier. However, Choco Falls may have intentionally cut back on the filling so as to avoid giving you a chocolate overdose.

The staff at the Citystars branch is friendly, and you definitely get your value for money with these small but tasty snacks. Make sure you get your chocolate shot the next time you are in Citystars.