When we were young, we were told that milk is good for us. As a child, you are forced into your one cup of dairy a day to keep the doctor away. They promise you strong, blindingly white teeth and titanium bones. Then, as you get older you find out that almost every diet tells you to stay away from dairy products unless its organic, lean yoghurt that comes from an alpine goat that’s lived on organic grass its whole life. But even then; not too much. For all kids out there who aren't too crazy about milk or those adults who still love it, Milk Bar in Citystars bring you milk with a twist.

The worst part about Milk Bar is that it’s located in the always packed first-floor food court on . You can easily spot the stand with its bright pink and blue colours. There isn't an extensive menu or anything. As a matter of fact, there is no menu at all. Instead some of the available options are on a billboard. The best way to go about ordering is to choose one of the options and ask which flavours are available. The options are frozen coffee, milk shakes, smoothies, yogurt creations and ice cream scoops with diverse dips Warning: upon asking about flavours the initial answer will be 'all flavours'. However, when we requested quinoa, it wasn't available- typical.

The available flavours are pretty bog-standard like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mango, kiwi, etc. With the yoghurt creations you can also pick from fresh fruits. We opted for the chocolate milk shake (15LE) and the yoghurt creation with fresh strawberries (15LE). As soon as you give your order, the friendly staff immediately begins mixing and concocting). The milk used is from the brand Labanita.

The yoghurt strawberry creation was a bit different to our expectation. We expected it to be much thicker than it was, and while it tasted good, it was more like a milkshake than a yoghurt-based drink. Another disappointment came in the way of the strawberries, which didn’t taste the least bit fresh. The chocolate milkshake was a thick ice-cold blend which tasted delicious. It had a strong chocolate flavour, but downside of this drink was that it's very heavy on the stomach, and after a few sips we couldn't take any more.

Milk Bar has a varied amount of dairy drinks and when in desperate need of some milk infused refreshments you should definitely try it.