Getting to Gosto Café in Nasr City is no easytask. Located on Ibn El Haisam Street, off Abbas El Akkad, the café is situated on a corner, with the entrance on Mohamed Youssef Moussa Street, which is just off Tayaran Street. Phew. So after all this effort, is Gosto worth it?

The truth is: it is. The street where it’s located is nice and quiet, attracting more and more establishments to set up shop there. Upon entering, the calm lighting and the elegant décor quickly position this café as something more than a spot to run in and out of after finishing a quick sandwich; rather, Gosto suggests a new favourite hangout, especially if you happen to live close by.

The space is divided into three areas: an outdoor area with a garden that offers a playground; a semi outdoor area, bordered with a removable plastic canopy; and an indoor area. Although smoking is allowed everywhere, including indoors, the distance between tables and overall spaciousness of the place facilitates good ventilation. Gosto also offers free Wi-Fi for those looking to finish up some lingering work.

The menu is bursting with options from grills, pizza and pasta, to soups, sandwiches and desserts. The endless options make it difficult to choose, so perhaps our guidance might prove useful. The cream of mushroom and chicken soup (17LE) was much needed to whet our appetites and proved to be a good choice with big chunks of mushroom, just as we like it. The four cheese pasta (33LE) was tasty with a vibrant blue cheese in the mix – it will cost you 6LE to add extra cheese. The Gosto Mix (70LE) has pieces of chicken in lemon sauce, filet in mushroom sauce, shrimp in lobster sauce, as well as the choice of two sides, and it was fantastic – both in taste and presentation. While the chicken in white sauce with mint and basil (53LE) tasted strongly of mint and was prominently sweet, it was original and very much a success.

Wanting to see if their desserts held the same standard we decided to try the caramel milkshake (23LE) and tropical ice-cream with fruit (27LE). Although the order took a little longer to come back to us, both choices were worth the wait.

Gosto also serves varieties of coffee both hot and cold, smoothies and juices. Their shisha also has its loyal customers where a peach, grape or apple flavoured one will set you back 18LE, and the actual smoking pipe is 5LE.

Between the chic ambiance, the great food, good service and relaxing atmosphere, we have no doubt that we will return to this café once again – we highly suggest you do the same.