The last time we visited Gouthé to have dinner in its restaurant we couldn’t help but notice the displays filled with cookies, pastries and pies. After all, you have to walk right through the patisserie if you want to get to the restaurant. Since we have kind of a sweet tooth here at Cairo360 we decided to hop into Gouthé once again, but this time for their pastry department.

Unfortunately this time round the diversity of the cakes and pastries was not that large. Still, not being discouraged we decided to go ahead and order from whatever was available. Though for a while we thought about ordering the delicious looking Feuttine pie, or the Praline walnut pie, or the cheese cake; we decided that less is more and settled on some smaller gateaux instead. In case you do want to purchase a cake, most of them are priced between 135LE and 150LE, and feed up to eight people. The best thing about Gouthé is probably that all the full-sized cakes they have are also available in mini versions, and for a kilo of cute mini gateaux you will pay 110LE.

From an aesthetic point of view all the pastries look very nice and appealing. Take the lemon tart (9LE) for instance. The round cake comes with charming looking lemons that resemble balls, placed on top of a bed of pudding. As excited as were looking at it, we were very disappointed with its taste. Not only did the little balls look like lemons, they tasted too much like them as well. We couldn’t help but pull a funny face after taking a bite. The tart was simply too sour and the pudding wasn’t sweet enough to make up for it. The strawberry pineapple cake (13LE) was once again a pleasure to the eye but had a very specific aftertaste. For something containing so much fruit we had expected the gateaux to be lighter; however the strawberry mousse was delicious.

We also opted for a super simple chocolate éclair (9LE). The éclair came richly filled with chocolate mousse, the dough was a bit stale though so it was probably for the best that there was so much filling to make up for that set back. The piece we were least disappointed by in the end was the raspberry and white chocolate sphere (13LE). However the white chocolate to raspberry ratio was a bit lost; it would have fared better with less white chocolate and more raspberries.

Although the pastry at Gouthé looks very nice, the flavours were not up to par and so perhaps it is more suggestible to stick with the savoury food of the restaurant instead.