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Cairo Weekend Guide: Merry Christmas!
Cairo Weekend Guide: Merry Christmas!
Published On: 06/01/2011

This weekend brings you a whole range of theatrical performances as well as a few live shows and a party sprinkled here and there.

Thursday brings you the event We’re All Egyptian, a gathering of local artists and film stars at El Sawy Culturewheel for an educational and inspiring night that aims to create a sense of community in light of the recent New Year's bomb attack.

On Thursday night, the Cairo Opera House brings you a concert in memory of Egyptian music icon Farid El Atrash on the 35th anniversary of his death. Performances by notable musicians Islam Said, Rasha Mabrouk and Tamer Abdel Nabi are only fractions of the night’s events.

Showdance is an exciting French dance troupe showing at the Cairo Opera House over the whole weekend at 8PM. The troupe performs a medley of dance genres from Broadway to salsa to the tunes of contemporary pop and musical hits such as Moulin Rouge and West Side Story. For more info, read our review of the show.

On Friday, head to the Darb 17 18 for a Day of Love, a day of celebration and arts and crafts, where people will collectively draw hearts on the floors, walls and all around the pottery village to strengthen our community ties!

Friday night is party-heavy: one of the world's biggest DJs, Bob Sinclair will perform at the Terrace at Designopolis. If that seems too far out of your way, you can either celebrate Christmas on a yacht with the Nile Yacht Oriental Christmas party, or head to the Fairmont Nile City for their Christmas and New Year's celebrations complete with scrumptious dinners. Or you could always stick to the traditional route and end up at the Cairo Jazz Club, where Nile FM's DJ Carlos is set to play.

As Saturday rolls around, put on your best suit for another night at the Cairo Opera House, and watch Golden West Opera Girl, an opera adapted straight from the Metropolitan Opera that promises to be an entertaining western with dramatic takes on love and loss.

ACT, AUC's Alumni Community Theatre will also perform their interactive children’s play The Invention at Fun Yard and Darb 17 18, so if you’ve missed it before, this is your chance to catch the interesting play that’s just as fun for adults!

Had your fill of red curtains? Well, no worries– you can catch Ashara Gharby at the Cairo Jazz Club on Saturday night. They're a newly formed band that promise to bring you hits ranging from contemporary Egyptian to blues and reggae.

For something completely different, why not check out the Veggie Fest Cairo at the Ahmed Shawki Museum? Bring along your (vegetarian) casserole for this massive pot-luck dinner at 7PM, featuring live music, live mural painting and much more. It sounds like a fun way to create a sense of community with other vegetarians or vege-curious people in town.

Have a Happy Weekend, Cairo!



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