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New in Cairo: Ten Things We're Excited About this November
New in Cairo: Ten Things We're Excited About this November
Published On: 16/11/2011
The month of November has thrown up a lot of new restaurants, festivals and events, proving once more that there really is no place like Cairo. Here is our list of the things that made us squeal with joy this month.

Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro

We can’t go anywhere in Cairo without finding new restaurants. Opening next week in the Nile Towers, Zeitouna has us licking our lips already. We love a good Lebanese shawerma, but we can’t wait for some genuine and authentic Lebanese cuisine, and the Om Ali ice cream sounds mighty tempting. It’ll be like having a little piece of Beirut on the Nile.

Versace for H&M

Is this a match made in heaven or what? High fashion meets high-street fashion in this holy collaboration. Slated to hit shops in Cairo on the weekend of the 17th, it's the first time that one of the H&M collaborations have hit these shores. We’ve already had a peak on the H&M website, and already can’t wait for the second collection that should be released on the world in January.

L’Aubergine, Heliopolis

One of the most popular restaurant/bars in Zamalek has finally embarked on expansion. The new L'Aubergine branch on Omar Ibn El Khattab Street in Heliopolis is just as stylish as you’d expect, and we can’t wait to see if the food lives up to its rather gaudy reputation. There’s been talk of a special vegetarian Christmas menu too; melting mushroom Wellington anyone?

4th Panorama of European Film

News of this year’s Panorama of European Film (November 23rd-29th) has us eagerly anticipating some of the best films the European film festival circuit has seen this year. Not only will there be screenings of some of the most commercially successful films, but also some of the freshest documentaries and a special selection of revolution themed films to compare and contrast the idea of ‘revolution’ in different contexts. Guest filmmakers will hold seminars, lecture and discussions looking at the art of cinema. A detailed schedule of events will be available on the official website soon and of course on Cairo 360's event page.

Nūn Centre

Zamalek has been blessed with several flashy new venues recently, but Nūn Centre on Shafeek Mansour Street is shaping up to be something pretty special. Taking its philosophy from holism, Nūn’s programs and therapies aim to ‘help visitors achieve balance in their daily lives’ as an approach to remedy. In addition to the up-and-running afternoon yoga classes, the centre offers acupuncture treatment, reflexology and nutritional therapy amongst other things, as well as evening cooking classes. Check out their delightful website for more information.

Chop Chop and Asha’s

Needless to say, we’re always excited by new restaurants, but when two open in the same place, that’s something to shout about. On the ground floor of the Suez Canal Tower in Giza sit Chop Chop and Asha’s. With a view of the Nile, the two swanky joints share an entrance but operate as two different restaurants. Taking a right will afford you the pleasure of indulging in Chop Chop’s South Eastern cuisine, while over on the other side, Asha’s Indian spices fill the space with a fantastic aroma. The two restaurants have just had their grand opening, and we can see both becoming linchpins of Asian cuisine in Cairo.

Baad El Bahr

Although it’s only two years old, Baad El Bahr has made significant contributions to arts and culture in Cairo. Having organised two successful editions of the Mediterranean Literary Festival, this active NGO’s last project From Rags to Riches aimed to inspire the public to look at public art differently and to use art as a socio-political tool of expression. The opening of their new space and office near Townhouse Gallery on November 23rd heralds a big leap for the group. The space will also double up as a library and bookshop.

'The Politics of Representation' at Townhouse Gallery

Parliamentary elections are imminent, and this upcoming project is aiming to look at the most operative art forms of the last hundred years; marketing and propaganda. There’s a fine line between the two, and this participatory exhibition will expose how the two overlap more than we like to think. Throughout the numerous public campaigns that have already started to litter the streets, the exhibition will collect and chronologically display posters, stickers, banners, fliers, photographs and any other literature to lay out the narratives and images that are weaved to win our hearts and minds. 'The Politics of Representation' will open on November 20th.

Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel

After three years of renovations, one of Egypt’s most famous hotels has finally reopened its doors, and it's given us the perfect excuse for a sneaky weekend getaway. The Cataract Hotel on the banks of the Nile was once every politician, writer and artist’s favourite spot to enjoy Aswan from. French interior designer Sybille de Margerie has overhauled the hotel into a functionally modern area without losing the rich history and classicism it’s steeped in. Oh if those walls could speak. Romanticism aside, the hotel offers a huge So SPA as per many Sofitel branches and four restaurants including its legendary 1902, as well as four bars. See you there!

Chocofest at El Sawy Culturewheel

The name says it all doesn’t it? For the ninth year, the kind people of El Sawy are tempting us through their doors with Chocofest between the November 17th and 26th. The puppet shows and screenings sound fun, and the school trips for the kids are a nice touch, but show us to the chocolate please!

Look out for our next month’s New in Cairo feature for the newest and best about Cairo. If you have any tips or recommendations for the best new things in the city, email us at



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