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360 Essentials: Top Ten Time-Wasting Websites
360 Essentials: Top Ten Time-Wasting Websites
Published On: 28/08/2010

So you love surfing the web, finding videos of babies b iting their sibling’s fingers, fawning over pictures of 'the cutest puppy ever,' or what have you. We’ve compiled a list of some our favourite websites to waste time on– when you’re not at work of course. Time flies; so start wasting!

FAIL Blog: If you’re the kind of person that can’t tear your eyes away from a trainwreck; FAIL blog is for you. Hilarious mishaps, well-intentioned disasters, and unfortunate slips of the tongue are documented and posted on this user-generated-content site. We occasionally suffer pangs of guilt about laughing at these debacles, but that is nothing compared to the pain that we get in our stomach from laughing so hard. A warning to all: most of FAIL blog’s content is video. Even if you have a set of headphones, don’t think for a minute that you can watch these clips discretely at work. They can hear you laughing from the street. 

The Onion: News junkies with a sense of humour love The Onion’s brand of intelligence. An extension of the printed publication, The Onion claims to be ‘America’s Finest News Source,’ and who are we to argue? Spoofing all the newsworthy essentials, the extensive site features politics, economy, entertainment, world and local news. Just remember, like with any other trusted news source; take their stories with a grain of salt. 

Awkward Family Photos: This site is exactly how it sounds: filled with the most embarrassing moments from thousands of childhoods. If you’ve ever stood shoulder-to-shoulder in matching polka-dot outfits with your siblings, you may have the perfect photo to submit. Many photos are submitted by someone in the image, so we don’t feel too bad about laughing at bygone fashion and uncomfortable moments with the in-laws.

Zynga: Satisfy the gamer in you at Zynga. The social network game developer is responsible for a slew of games such as Mafia Wars, Café World, and Texas Hold’Em; keeping Facebook members occupied for hours. However, consider yourself warned; some of the advertisers that you’ll find on Zynga have been accused of some shady activity; so as always, be savvy about giving out your personal information to these sites. 

Urban Dictionary: Broaden your vocabulary at Urban Dictionary, which has five million definitions of some of the best slang in the English language. Not your average Merriam-Webster, this dictionary provides user-generated definitions straight from the street. Our personal favourite use of this website is to find out what the names of our friends really mean.

Trend Hunter: What’s all the buzz about? Find out first at Trend Hunter. Let the hunters do the hard work, while you browse the pages of micro-trends in the world of business, fashion, art and design and much more. With daily updates, you’ll have your hipster friends coming to you for news on the next big thing. Developed by Jeremy Gutsche, who is widely respected for his ability to spot what’s going to be hot, you can’t go wrong by spending a coffee break or two at this site. 

Cracked: Cracked.com claims to be 'America’s Only Humour and Video Site since 1958,' which is a bold-faced lie…sort of. Originally a printed publication in 1958, Cracked was modelled after Mad Magazine. Recent decades of low readership prompted the switch to their online venue. And although they aren’t the onlyhumour site, Cracked may be the only humor site that you’ll ever visit again. Their highly addictive articles often poke fun at our collective misinterpretation of history. The immense number of droll ’bet you didn’t know‘ pieces will keep you laughing and learning for hours on end.

Rafael Rozendaal: Artist and webpage designer Rafael Rozendaal is responsible for Internet treasures such as ’jello time‘ and ’deep black hole.’ His main page links to dozens of individual websites of the simple pleasure persuasion. Some sites are interactive – scroll over the image or click and drag an object– while others are simply great for sitting and watching while letting your mind wander. 

Dangerous Minds: The policy behind this eclectic website’s quirky, thought-provoking posts is very simply, ’take it or leave it.’ Everything from socially innovative ideas and pop-culture musings to unreleased songs find a place in this hotbed of the new and interesting. You may not agree with everything posted on Dangerous Minds, and frankly neither do they. However, the idea here is that in our ever-changing world, innovative thought is presented for your consideration.The site prides itself on its intelligent, attractive readership, and who doesn’t love being reminded that they are brainy and beautiful; so jump on the bandwagon of Dangerous Minds. 

StumbleUpon: Perfect for jaded websters, StumbleUpon brings the surprise back to your surf. Go to the site, download the toolbar and set up some personal preferences about what you want to see on the web. Every time you click on the Stumble button, you will be brought to a different webpage.With options to ’like‘ or ’dislike‘ each page, the application adapts accordingly and specialises the Stumbles just for you. You have the option of further narrowing your stumbles to pictures or videos or stumbling through websites such as news sources and Wikipedia. Seriously, we don’t know how we ever surfed the Internet without it.

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