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Cairo Weekend Guide: Bring On The Cool Weather!
Cairo Weekend Guide: Bring On The Cool Weather!
Published On: 16/09/2010

The good news is that Cairo weather has cooled down considerably over the past few days, with uncomfortably high heat waves hopefully a thing of a past. This means less air-conditioning, more morning walks, sunny brunches and outdoor activities in this delicious September weather. It’s not too cold to avoid the beach, though, and with Ain Sokhna just one hour away, it’s your perfect weekend destination for some peace and quiet.

If your friends are deserting you for another weekend trek to the North Coast, you won’t be bored in Cairo. This Thursday, take a walk through the Cairo Opera House’s plush grounds, then catch the first International Oud Forum, which is led by internationally acclaimed Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma and will continue until Saturday, the 18th. For a more contemporary sound, try the craftily named Trackat Ala Kefna playing at El Sawy Culturewheel at 8:30PM. If you feel like dancing off the week’s stress, the Urban Preachers at the Cairo Jazz Club offer a little funk, a little soul, a lot of fun.

On Friday, if you relish the idea of a Maadi brunch, skip the traditional Lucille’s and head to the newly opened Waffles& Shakes for some sinfully delicious waffles. If you’re in Heliopolis and in desperate need of a pool to chill by, the Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers has two large pools available for day use. Since it’s a Friday, though, get ready for packed pools and loud revellers.

Too lazy to leave the house? Give yourself a cook’s day off and order in: Le Kabab in Heliopolis makes surprisingly good Lebanese takeout. And speaking of surprisingly good Lebanese, Papillon in Mohandiseen serves up Lebanese food so good; it beats some of the best restaurants in Beirut, according to a Beirut native!

With nights becoming increasingly cool and pleasant, head over for a rooftop view at Pour Vous, the Nile Zamalek Hotel’s top-floor terrace or Nomad in Dokki, the King Hotel’s rooftop bar. Nomad may not have an exquisite view like Pour Vous', but it does offer fresh breezes, a relaxed atmosphere and very moderate prices.

For some late-night entertainment, catch the Percussion Show at El Genaina Theatre. This band has arguably the best percussionists on the local music scene, and their energy is so intensive and addictive; you’ll be dancing in no time. The quite popular Salalem will perform at El Sawy Culturewheel’s Wisdom Hall at 8PM, but if you’re in the mood for some oonts-oonts-oonts, Nile FM’s DJ Carlos will be playing at the Cairo Jazz Club at 11PM.

Saturday tends to be the most relaxed day of the week, where most people sleep in, have family lunches and maybe catch a film or two at the cinema. If you have a sweet tooth craving, head to one of Carvel’s many branches all over Cairo. Trust us, it will bring out the kid in you.

For those who can’t get enough of Tex-Mex, try the newly opened and quite inconspicuous La Sombra in Maadi. And while you’re at it, head over to Kotob Khan on El Lasilky Road. It’s more than just a bookstore! this Saturday, budding musician and vocalist Shady Ahmed (you may have seen him perform with the 19th Band) will perform an acoustic set; so pull up a chair and enjoy the intimate ‘coffee house’ vibe.

If you’ve lost inspiration, read our Top Fifteen Sights to See and Things to Do in Cairo and see how many items you can check off our list. When all else fails, keep checking Cairo 360 for guidance!



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