Just as the poster shows, Skyline’s plot starts with strange blue lights descending on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people out in the open areas where the extraterrestrial alien forces threaten to wipe the entire human race off of planet Earth.

Similar to 2008’s Cloverfield, the film focuses on a bunch of uninteresting young people who gather for a birthday party held by best friends Jarrod (Balfour) and Terry (Faison). Elaine (Thompson) and Candice (Murphy) play the two unnecessary love interests for the lead characters; they seem to have been dragged into the story just to have female characters on board. After they witness the alien attacks, they try to make a run for their lives with the help of obnoxious building manager Oliver (Zayas).

The plot isn’t the main factor that audiences seek in such films; but it’s still an important element that can’t be ignored. In Skyline, it was completely ignored: the story lacks twists, thrills and fresh ideas. It merely depicts the group’s desperate, cheap attempts at survival. Such a plotline could be acceptable twenty years ago when the sci-fi genre was still relatively fresh; it could have even been forgiven for its weak plot and dull characters.

The cast of Skyline is plain terrible; every single last one of them; probably due to the fact that they are mainly TV actors and the film had a limited budget of US$10 million. To make matters worse; the script is beyond cheesy. Audiences were literally laughing during the film’s most serious moments because of the poor dialogue.

However, Skyline’s special effects and CGI are above average. In fact, it can honestly be stated that they were actually good. Sadly, though; aliens are not shown onscreen enough. So it won’t really satisfy viewers expecting cool alien features and sci-fi action. In addition, the way the aliens attack plays a part in the failure of feeling the excitement of good visual effects. After being exposed to the aliens’ blue lights, people disappear suddenly by being sucked-in in the aliens themselves. Not the best showcasing of effects!

Audiences will probably have trouble relating to Skyline’s characters, which were mostly annoying. The story isn’t really a story – it’s a poor showcase of hopeless efforts for survival. Unlike regular Sci-fi films, audiences of this film were actually cheering for the deadly and invading aliens instead of siding with the human race. The previews may have looked promising; but the film was a total let-down.