Directed by Jon Chu (Step Up2 and 3D), Never Say Never is a 3D documentary that follows the young pop star Justin Bieber with some footage of performances both on and off stage from his 2010 concert tour. It also features some of today’s famous pop artists, such as Usher, Miley Cyrus, Jaden Smith, Ludacris and many more.

Following the huge success of Michael Jackson’s This is It, it was no surprise to see that this project was more than ready to launch. The film allows audiences a closer look at Justin Bieber’s journeys behind the stage. At times, they can be more entertaining as you discover who’s responsible for such amazing shows, whether it’s the choreographers, voice coaches or even the background dancers.

However, it’s not mainly a rehearsal showcase of Bieber as much an indirect publicity stunt for him. As if he wasn’t overexposed enough on YouTube (his video ‘Baby‘ has over 500 million views and still counting) and on radio waves in general, this will definitely fill in the gaps – if there are any.

To be clear, nothing in this film works: from the characters’ debatable charisma and the cinematography that tires you by the first half to Bieber’s annoying vocals in surround sound, this could easily have been a free online documentary instead of a decent theatrical release. It’s obvious that this film is just an excuse for making more profits out of the Bieber mania spreading these days.

Furthermore, this film doesn’t use 3D well; it’s just not impressive. Sure, you will feel the 3D effects of the dance and rehearsal scenes as you did in Step Up 3D. However, the shots are just not as colourful as the trailers promised – a negative element that also didn’t help in carrying the film, even for younger audiences.

While it’s definitely not for everyone, Justin Bieber fans will still be pleasantly surprised by this rich production, which is filled with the material that drove millions of fans to fall in love with him. Nevertheless, if you simply get annoyed by his voice, don’t even bother watching the preview.