On a quest for the perfect vacation, two best friends, Graeme Willy (Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Frost) head for a long awaited road trip during which they intend to visit alien landmarks such as Area 51. While on the road, they come across an unexpected car crash that comes out of nowhere. As they attempt to rescue any surviviors, only one gets out; an alien named Paul.

As sci-fi fanatics, Graeme and Clive jump at the chance to help Paul reach his desired destination. As the trip continues, they learn that Paul is being followed by federal agents who are trying to capture him by any means necessary.

Actor-writers Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are well known for their brand of comedy. The British duo received much critical praise for international successes Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. They work very well together as a comedic pair, and so anyone who’s familiar with their work will definitely appreciate the humor Added to the mix is serial comedy actor Seth Rogen who voices the character of Paul. The rest of the cast includes big names such as Jane Lynch, Sigourney Weaver, and Bill Hader, whose performances are brief but memorable.

There’s a fine line between silly and hilarious, and this film crosses that line back and forth. Paul will be best appreciated by fans of Pegg and Frost. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t for everyone; you might need to think twice before seeing it going to see a film about a crude foul-mouthed alien.

The CGI effects that are used in creating Paul are fairly impressive. Its fun to witness an alien basically displays very human characteristics. The only negative, is that Seth Rogen’s voice isnot exactly his best feature as an actor

The bottom line is that Paul is a fun film; nothing more, nothing less! While it’s not packed with particularly original jokes it’s definitely one of the best comedies out there at the moment. So if slapstick is your kind of comedy, then this is worth a look.