Comedies are often dragged down by predictable plots that can be figured out a few minutes in or by the cast’s exaggerated acting that make them easily forgettable. So when a new comedy combines an interesting story with a genuinely funny cast, you should probably ignore those odds and take your chance. Fortunately, Horrible Bosses doesn’t disappoint.

The film focuses on three friends (Bateman, Sudeikis, and Day) who all suffer from intolerable bosses (Spacey, Farrell, and Aniston) and decide to hire a professional hit man to kill their respective bosses. When that doesn’t go according to plan, they decide to take matters into their own hands. Of course, their plans get complicated as they encounter unexpected twists and turns that are refreshingly hilarious.

The producers of Horrible Bosses have succeeded in seamlessly combining comedy, action and crime, except for a few scenes when those elements feel a bit chaotic; most notably the ending, which ends on an abrupt and far too familiar note. This may be an anti-climax to audiences, as the film kicks off to a very strong start and is thoroughly entertaining up until the end. Furthermore, Spacey, Farrell and Bateman’s characters don’t give them enough space to show off their acting talents.

Those let-downs can be forgiven given the shining performance of the whole cast. Everyone pretty much hits a home-run with their role, both in their comic timing and the intelligent ways in which they all portray their respective characters. The material is pretty straightforward with little complications or elaborate plot elements, and so it is left to the devices of the actors to work their magic; it all actually seems very natural. The film also includes a brief but hilarious cameo by Jamie Foxx as the professional hit man hired by the friends.

As far as comedies go, Horrible Bosses may well be one of the best comedies of 2011 so far. It definitely deserves a chance, especially since Anniston shuns her goody-two-shoes image and sinks her teeth into the role of a villain. Aside from making you laugh out loud, Horrible Bosses may also have employers everywhere reconsidering their relationships with their employees.