2010 is the year of cinematic babies. There is the documentary Babies, Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming The Switch, and there is The Back-up Plan, Lopez’s desperately adorable comeback vehicle. Whether or not you like The Back-up Plan depends entirely on how you feel about watching its lead running around asking her male friends for their specimen.

After a flawless, old-school rom-com intro, we meet Zoe (Lopez) who just got artificially inseminated a few seconds ago. The timing couldn’t be worse; as Zoe bumps into the perfect guy, Stan (O'Loughlin) right after she walks out of the doctor’s office. She hates him at first, but it’s obvious that she’s only playing hard to get. If you’re above the age of five; you don’t call someone you truly despise a stupid-head.

Zoe’s close friends are becoming increasingly judgmental about her choice of artificial insemination; so she joins a support group for single zany mothers. Meanwhile, Stan is still trying to impress reluctant Zoe and win her over– and he does. Right after their first amazing date, Zoe finds out that she’s pregnant. Poor Stan had no idea what he’d signed up for.

Will Zoe and Stan stay together after he learns about her pregnancy? Is he The One? These are all questions the film ponders on, but perhaps the question that matters the most for us is this: is The Back-up Plan a good chick-flick? We’re afraid it’s not.

One problem with the film is how desperate it is, while its biggest let-down is its sloppy comedy. The film’s director was probably shooting for organic effortless comedy and conflicts; but unfortunately, none of the actors have comedic chops as good as their bodies.

The Back-up Plan is like a blank MS office template; it has all the makings of a really good product but with empty fields. All the elements of a good film are there; they’re just left blank, and subsequently the film feels shallow and calculated. However, the aging J-Lo is still cute and relatable. More so, she does a good job carrying the film. So, if you like to spend less than two hours with Jenny from the block; go ahead and watch The Back-up Plan: she’s there in every frame of it.