Dimo’s Gym’s blacked out windows and bright blue lights hanging above Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Zamalek give passerby the impression that the second-floor facility may be a dingy gym not worth checking out. However, Dimo’s Gym is proof that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

The gym is actually the fitness centre for Om Kolthoum Hotel. Despite being tiny, it is bright and sparkling clean. Blonde wooden floors barely show a day of wear and the equipment is modern. Although there were only two other people working out at the time of this review, a larger crowd might create a problem at Dimo’s. High-quality performance indicator weight equipment is available for all the major muscle groups; but only one of each machine is present, which could leave members waiting to use equipment during peak hours.

Three treadmills, a couple of elliptical machines and two stationery bicycles round out the exercise equipment at Dimo’s, in addition to a corner with a dozen or so free weights and a bench. There is minimal space for stretching in this small room; yet Dimo’s Gym somehow maintains a tranquil atmosphere.

The music is low so that gym goers don’t have to blow out the speakers on their headphones to enjoy their own tunes. Tinted windows at the tree line give Dimo’s a sense of privacy; a plus for many patrons.

The locker facilities at Dimo’s Gym are also extremely clean and quite spacious considering the space of the facility. A changing area includes lockers, benches and cubbies filled with plush blue and white towels. Several showering stalls and a bathroom are located around the corner, while the far end of the locker room has a sizeable sauna as well as a steam room for some post -workout relaxation.

Dimo’s Gym is opened daily from 7AM to 10PM, and priced quite reasonably for a Zamalek gym. Trial uses are on par with neighbouring facilities (residents pay 100LE a day and 300LE a week while non-residents pay 120LE a day and 500LE a week), but longer commitments have quite substantial savings. A month-long membership is priced at 700LE, while a six-month membership goes for 2000LE and a year at Dimo’s Gym costs only 3000LE.

Despite the small size of the facility; the quality of Dimo’s equipment makes this gym a great deal for long-term fitness.