When it comes to exercise and workout spots in Cairo, the city has a lot to offer in different areas and for diverse budgets. WOW is a low-key yet warm and cosy workout studio in Zamalek that has relied on word of mouth from satisfied clients to gain popularity. WOW stands for workout women, but it’s not as cheesy as the name sounds at all; instead it offers a comfortable and tranquil exercise environment.

The studio is located on the second floor of a side-street building off of 26th of July Street. The space itself has a changing room, a small but clean bathroom, a big workout room as well as a separate room that acts as a nursery for mothers bringing their children along.

WOW caters to women only and offers a variety of classes for toning and shaping the body such as stretching, sculpting, pilates and yoga, in addition to belly dancing and Latin dance. The class hours start as early as 8AM for the early birds among you and evening classes can end as late as 10PM. The trainers include young Egyptian and foreign instructors for classes like yoga and pilates.

The studio has a very flexible class system: you can either attend their regular classes every day or make use of their individual or group private classes whenever you want to. Furthermore, WOW keeps you constantly up-to-date with any changes in class schedules via SMS and email; pretty impressive for such a small studio.

The great thing about WOW is that all the trainers give you complete liberty to work out as comfortably as you feel– training shoes or barefoot, it all depends on the class and the trainer. You can pay for one class or for a week, month or six months worth, which would work for those who are prone to getting lazy and skipping a whole period of their membership.

A one-hour class at WOW costs 45LE, while a 90-minute class costs 60LE. A month’s membership starts at 300LE all the way up to 2500LE for a year's. WOW members will receive a 10 % discount if they bring along a friend that subscribes to any of their membership offers. If you’re a regular, you can also get your hands on some of their invitation cards for a friend to try out their classes free of charge.