There’s nothing like a little trip to the salon to make you feel like a million pounds. While Cairo is definitely not short on coiffeurs, Kriss is arguably one of the top hair salons, having gained a popular following and established a strong reputation over the past decade.

With several branches spread out through Cairo, our favourite Kriss salon happens to be in Korba. Located on Baghdad Street and next door to TBS; the salon's entrance is on the 1st floor. As it can get quite busy, it is recommended that you book your appointment ahead if you require a specific stylist; or you could try your luck with a walk-in and expect to wait a while.

Kriss’s love for a little modern flair is easy to spot with the all silver and black decor. Once you pass the reception desk, cosy velvet couches and chairs are waiting for you. The upbeat jazz tunes provide just enough energy to get you revved up about the treatment you’re about to receive.

The nail bar is located in the waiting area; it’s impeccably organized and pristinely clean. Black detail lamps compliment the tables nicely and with a wall of OPI polishes on the back wall, you know that the nail technicians take their colour seriously. Manicures and pedicures start at around 30LE.

When it comes to the hair, though; the staff at Kriss are armed, ready and intent on mastering the task at hand. With a little extra groove than most, the hair washing bowls are definitely comfortable; but the wash itself could use some work. While we proudly admit that getting our hair washed is more pleasurable than the cut and style itself, it just didn’t last long enough. Nonetheless, it was a relaxing and thorough experience, so maybe we’re being too picky.

The hairstylist is appropriately sensitive and never pulls too hard when it comes to getting all of those tangles out. The hairdressers are aplenty; but if you’re looking for a fuss-free and efficient haircut (70LE), Beshu does a great job. He doesn’t stay quiet about his expert advice, but he won’t take the scissors anywhere that you don’t permit him to. When it comes to a hair blow dry (80LE), he’s a master with the brushes.

Other services include hair colouring, formal up-dos, and skin treatments as well. Kriss has been popular for some time now; and seeing as how we were quite satisfied with our services; we now know why.