Located on the ground floor of a shaded and chic apartment building just across from the CAC's wall, Butterfly is one of Maadi’s most popular veteran hair salons. Also known as Khaled Butterfly to some, the name refers to the head honcho and owner of the salon, Khaled, who cuts and dyes the hair of veteran customers and newbies upon request.

Flanked by glass doors and large windows, the salon space is sunny, well-cooled and decked out in the usual hair salon furniture: large mirrors in front of hair-styling seats, shelves displaying L’Oreal Professional and other hair products, makeup and jewellery, the proverbial TV screen showing Fashion TV footage, and the hair washing sinks with dark leather armchairs.

A separate room towards the end is for the pedicures, facials and waxing services. A large massage bed also functions as the eyebrow-threading and facial bed, while two large and comfortable leather arm chairs sit before large foot basins for your pedicure.

With its cool interior, spotless hygiene and savvy stylists, Butterfly has accumulated a steady following of both expats and Egyptians over the years. Khaled is excellent when it comes to hair colouring, especially the tri-colour mixes. His specialty is getting that golden brunette shade just perfectly, but on the downside, he’s not at all adventurous when it comes to brighter, funkier colours and will refuse point blank to cater to your requests if they sound outrageous to him. Hair colouring costs 250LE, touching up roots costs 185LE and highlights cost 450LE.

While Khaled gives great trims (100LE for a cut) and efficient blow-drying (50LE) followed up by a quality Babyliss, he’s too conservative and inflexible for any funky haircuts; at least in this reviewer’s experience.

Aside from Khaled, the highlight of the salon is their beauty technician Magda, who previously worked at the Marriott Zamalek and has a deft and light hand. Her pedicures (50LE) are quick, gentle yet thorough; qualities you’ll greatly appreciate when you’re in a hurry and desperate for foot therapy. Her deft hands will also tweeze your eyebrows (30LE) with minimal pain, and her threading will wreak minimal havoc even on sensitive skin.

Waxing and sugaring services are both provided, with half-leg sugaring for 50LE, a half-arm for 40LE and a full body sugaring for 275LE, while waxing a half-leg will set you back 60LE and a half arm 50LE. Magda also offers facials for 150LE and artificial nails for 95LE. Based on this reviewer’s experience with her sugaring and tweezing, we’d definitely consider coming back for the facial.

Well-equipped and efficient, Butterfly is the hair salon you head to when you need a good blow-dry or a rich new hair colour, or if you just feel like indulging yourself in a pedicure or a Moroccan bath. However, bear in mind that the salon fills up on weekends, especially during the evenings, so be prepared to wait for Magda’s undivided attention.