If you work at a desk all day in Cairo or still own one of those mattresses made back before springs were invented, you should seriously consider giving yourself a trip to the spa. And we’ve found just the one. Located in Mohandiseen, Blossom Russian Spa is a welcome respite from the dusty outside world with its dark finished wooden interior and excellent service.

The sign out front reads Blossom International Spa, and is indicative of the variety of treatments offered, from the Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage (350LE) to the Japanese Royal manicure and pedicure (800LE). All three members of the spa’s small staff are incredibly kind, helpful and hail from Russia, with the exception of the resident masseuse, who is Ukrainian.

For a bit of the spa’s native offerings, try the classic Russian massage (300LE). As with all services you will be offered a private room with a small bathroom across the hall, where you can shower before or after the massage. Don’t expect too much luxury in the way of robes, slippers or towels – you will be offered a pair of used flip-flops if you plan to walk over to the bathroom and will have to leave your clothes on a plastic chair in the corner of the room during the massage.

What the spa might lack in fanfare it certainly makes up for in professionalism. The staff is willing to engage in honest conversation about what they offer and what might be best for you without trying to hassle or encourage the most expensive treatment. In addition to a number of more traditional massages, you can opt for a number of medical massages like the lymph drainage massage (350LE) or anti-cellulite and anti-stretch mark treatments (150LE), which require multiple visits. You can also engage in scrubs, facials, manicures and pedicures. The spa offers full-day treatments from 750LE to 3000LE and wedding packages for women and men starting at 1500LE.

The full-body classic Russian massage (300LE) is a safe bet for those who don’t come to the spa often or who have never had a massage before. Dealing with one section of your body at a time, the masseuse will warm your muscles up with a soft kneading, and then proceed to use more vigorous motions to really loosen you up, after which she will conclude with more gentle twisting.

If you object to a very firm touch or joint popping, it would be a good idea to speak your mind early on; as this appears to be an essential part of the massage – and getting your toes popped is not always that pleasant.

You won’t walk out of Blossom Russian Spa amazed, but you’ll certainly feel satisfied, and nobody would blame you for booking your next appointment on the spot.