At the start of every summer, Cairenes all over the city invariably descend on Cairo's gyms and fitness centres in search of that perfect beach-body; it can be difficult to find a quality workout space without having to wait in queue to use your favourite machine. But as we come to the end of summer, gym attendances decrease, giving space for those casual exercisers room to breathe.

Located near Giza Square, World Gym sits on Hemdan Street as one of the older and more established gyms in the Giza area. Having opened in 2001, the gym has undergone several facelifts to keep up with the newer, flashier gyms popping up all across the city.

One such facelift has seen a large red sign mark the location of the gym – it's impossible to miss. Taking the steps up to the gym, you'll first find a reception area that houses a receptionist's desk and three metal couches. Every part of the gym is accessible from here; the main workout area as well as both the male and female changing rooms.

The changing rooms are also home to the gym's saunas and Jacuzzis. The main area workout area takes the form of a large, almost circular space with separate sections marked out. The 'Fitness' section brings together treadmills and exercise bikes, among other things. The other half of the space is dedicated to body-building, and houses a whole host of weights. It also emanates grunting and shouting.

Most of the machinery is pretty modern, but you'll have to be open to the possibility of cleaning a machine yourself after someone else has used it, and you're required to bring your own towels.

Membership costs are as follows: 400LE for one month with one free one-day pass for family or friends; 1000LE for three months with three day-passes; 1700LE for six months with five day-passes; and finally, a one year membership will set you back 2800LE, with eight day-passes included. All the membership plans afford gym-goers access to the sauna and Jacuzzi, as well as sessions with the gym staff.

Speaking of which, said staff are, to say the least, effective. At the time of our visit, one particular trainer channelled his inner army general for a group abs session. But on the whole, the trainers are very welcoming and will tailor a personal workout plan based on your goals.

When all is said and done, the biggest attraction of World Gym are its reasonable prices, especially compared to other gym chains found across Cairo.