With hair salons in Cairo ranging from high-end boutiques to small-time neighbourhood parlours, it's often a gruelling task to find a decent hairdresser at a justifiable price. Hidden inside a residential apartment building in Heliopolis, Diva Line aims to provide a team of professionally trained hairstylists at reasonable prices.

Boasting a modern, chic interior, the white décor is coupled with gorgeous neon green and purple accents. Entering the salon, the tiny, cramped reception area contains just a couch and the cashiers' desk, as well as a glass display case featuring well-known branded beauty products, such as Global Keratin.

The hairdressing area is split into two parts; the main hall has six hairdressing stations, a waiting area, washing basins and special seating for the hooded hair-dryers. The back area, meanwhile, is reserved for threading, waxing and make-up, as well as a separate closed-room for veiled women.

We requested a fringe trim (30LE-50LE depending on hair type), followed by curling (70LE). Leading us over to the basins, we were robed before a towel was draped over our shoulders. The assistant made quick work with the shampooing and spent a few extra minutes conditioning our hair, complete with a luxurious scalp massage.

We were then moved to the hairdressing area; each station is equipped with roomy leather chairs and full-length mirrors. Lebanese hairdressers are employed in all of their chains, and are strictly there to cut and style hair as needed and after a short explanation to our selected expert, he got to work. The hairdresser showed an impressive aptitude, not limiting himself to just the fringe; he went on to make sure that the rest of the locks were the proper length to compliment our new trim.

After he finished, an assistant was called over to blow dry our hair straight; the assistant was not only gentle, but kept the scolding air turned away from our skin. Next, a slim straightening iron was employed to add loose, yet shapely, curls which were held in place with a quick spritz of long-lasting hairspray. Although thorough, the entire process took too long for our liking, though, and admittedly, we grew a little impatient.

Chic and professional, Diva Line provides professional hairdressing services at affordable prices that unsurprisingly results in unwavering customer loyalty.