If your exercise regimen has been lacking a sense of direction lately, head straight to Maadi where God’s Gym offers spinning classes that will put your path to fitness back on track.

Spinning is a high-energy stationary cycling exercise on a specialised bike. This intense workout is incredible for your cardio-vascular hearth, toning your thigh muscles and building endurance and posture. If that’s not enough to get you packing your bag for the gym, spinning can help you seriously shed some weight – an hour’s session can easily burn 500 calories!

The spinning classes at Gold’s Gym Maadi are truly top-notch. The room is clean, modern and equipped with twenty-one Star Trek spinners, while the staff are helpful, professional and enthusiastic. The spinning room is located inside the gym, with large glass windows facing the Maadi skyline.

Just before each session, the room slowly fills with chatter and excited energy as members begin warming up on the bikes. The instructor at the time of this review was a young, bubbly lady named Nirvana, who began the class by walking around the room assisting new faces. Extremely thorough, she helps you find the proper settings on the bike, gives you a few pointers for the class, directs you to the towels – these are a must – and sees to it that all your questions are answered.

The classes, which will run you 65LE for a single session and are included in your gym membership, will vary a bit according to the session. Gold’s Gym offers classes to help with endurance, strength training, and other specific fitness needs. They even have a 'race day' class once a month. Not to worry, though, the rest of their classes don’t have a competitive nature at all. Though the instructor directs your course and tells you when to stand or sit on the bike and how fast you should be pedalling; it is easy and you can modify the workout if you need to.

Don’t be afraid to let them see you sweat; because you will sweat. This is a high-intensity workout, though thankfully low-impact on your joints and you will feel the burn. Just when you begin to wonder how anyone could inflict this sort of pain on themselves, the instructor cracks a joke, the whole room laughs, and you’re suddenly lost once again in the incredible workout experience at Gold’s Gym Maadi.