As one of the greatest R&B artists, both vocal and arrangement-wise, R. Kelly has been in the business for almost twenty years now; yet he manages to present a new flavour to his music with his latest album Love Letter; incorporating classic soul influences and lyrics about love and forgiveness.

It takes a true genius to blend different generations and genres together to produce music that pays tribute to the classics without losing its hip quality. Love Letter is Kelly’s tenth studio album and proves that Kelly, despite his many publicised scandals, still has a lot of talent. With him pleading love with deep lyrics and symphonic intros, the listener is left with sweet, moving melodies.

Lover Letter starts with a prelude of the album title, which is basically a solo-sung introduction. It’s a nice gesture to slowly break the album to the audience, but it doesn’t quite work; as the intro was clearly meant to be read out, not sung.

The main track ‘Love Letter’ features a catchy beat and memorable lyrics, and so does the remix ‘A Love Letter Christmas’ with minor lyrical changes. ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ is a smooth track clearly influenced by Marvin Gaye’s trademark soul, and ‘When A Women Loves’ is an excellent symphonic ballad filled with long and striking high notes – it was deservedly nominated for Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Featuring the young and talented soul singer K. Michelle, the upbeat ‘Love Is’ makes the album seems like it has it all; although some may not appreciate the overly repetitive lines in 'Number One Hit.'

If it’s not the vocals that make the album worthy, then it sure is the instruments. Real music with real acoustic instruments makes Love Letter a unique find among other synthesized songs that lack genuine emotions. This album was also inspired by names like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, both of which left their marks on several songs written by Kelly.

Love Letter is about pure love devoid of greed, selfishness or materialism. As it happens, R. Kelly knows exactly how to get that message across loud and clear with a bonus of dazzling vocals and backing instruments.