It is no secret that Britney Spears has been through a rough couple of years. What with battling bipolar disorder, being under conservatorship and custody entanglements, all under the ruthless lens of Hollywood, many of her fans thought that the old, free-spirited, In the Zone Spears would never grace their music players again. After the release of her recent, auto-tuned mess of albums Blackout and Circus, the trepidation and apprehension surrounding the release of her 7th studio record, Femme Fatale, was completely understandable.

You might want to get your critical thinking caps off, because Britney Spears just put these doubts to acute, incontrovertible shame. Femme Fatale is the comeback album every hardcore devotee has been waiting for, and the perfect introduction to the new Miss Spears for any prospective fan.

The most noticeable, and arguably the best, part about Femme Fatale is the return of the sassy, breathy-sexy Britney vocals that we all love. The vocal processing and auto-tune is far less noticeable on this record than on her two previous, post-meltdown albums. Instead of masking her voice, they compliment it in a way that is guaranteed to make the listener raise an impressed eyebrow, if not both. Her vocals come off as more confident and strong, as opposed to the sleepy, nonchalant way she used to sing in Blackout and Circus, providing listeners with this new, fierce and in-your-face idea of the southern pop star.

It is quite clear from the beginning that Spears’s aim with this album was to get her listeners out on the dance floor, dancing and working up a sweat till they see the sunlight. Femme Fatale is riddled with thumping bass lines, intense, grinding beats and catchy lyrics that will surely make you want to get up and dance/sing along.

Her opening track, 'Till the World Ends' is guaranteed to become a dance floor anthem this summer, along with the single, ‘I Wanna Go’. Catchy as these songs may be, tracks like 'He About To Lose Me' and ‘Inside Out’ might appeal more to listeners, since their lyrics speak on a more personal level as opposed to the ‘get-on-the-dance-floor’ theme of the afore mentioned two.

Needless to say, some of the songs featured are not that powerful and do not fit with the overall feel of the record. ‘Trip to Your Heart’ is this sweet, melodious ballad that is almost dull and monotonous, and the song 'How I Roll' is not as alluring as the other tracks.

This summer will witness a new era of Spears on the music industry, and while this album may stick heavily to her pop, electro roots, it will surely satisfy a wide range of tastes. Whether you need a quick pick me up on your way to work, or provide electrifying, mood setting music on the beach, expect to hear Femme Fatale blasting through the speakers on a lot of dance floors this summer!