Barbadian pop princess Rihanna has released her sixth studio album and kicked it off with the single ‘We Found Love’ which is already an international hit. With this album Riri continues what has almost become her signature style; upbeat pop songs with raunchy lyrics and high sexual content.

The album kicks off with the track ‘You da One’ which has a Caribbean style and reminds us of Rihanna’s early work. It’s followed by ‘Where Have You Been’ where house music influences are apparent.

Current hit single ‘We Found Love’ follows after that and up until there it all seems pretty innocent and cute as Rihanna gives the impression that she's just a girl looking for love. ‘Talk That talk’ and ‘Cockiness (Love it)’ kick in after that. As to be expected, these are not so innocent. The first is a collaboration with Jay Z where he raps about girls going to the toilet (which is quite an original subject actually) and requesting to have that ‘talk’ talked to her all night. The song ‘Cockiness (Love It)’ is just plain obscene with lyrics like ‘I love it when you eat it’ and ‘Suck my cockiness/Lick my persuasion’.

After this sex overdose, things become a bit cuter again with the ballads ‘We All Want Love’, ‘Farewell’ and ‘Drunc on Love’. Most of the songs are about finding true love, loneliness and break up pain. Another song that has the typical Rihanna sound is ‘Roc me out’. Once again there is lots of sex in the lyrics but not as raw as on previous songs.

The album also has dubstep influences like in ‘Red Lipstick’; a style of music we rarely hear coming from mainstream artists. Rihanna's range of influences come from having worked with a lot of different writers and producers for this album such as Calvin Harris, Stargate, the Dream, Rob Swire and Alex da Kid.

This is absolutely not Rihanna’s best work to date. ‘We Found Love’ is a good single and easily the highlight of Talk That Talk. The album will of course sell and if you turn it up at a house party it’ll probably get people on the dance floor. However, she could have done better. Releasing an album every year is very impressive but unfortunately in this case her commendable work rate hasn’t don’t the quality of the music any good. Sex might sell but it gets old after a while. Just ask Madonna.