If Jonsi’s name doesn’t ring a bell, his Iceland-based band just may. Whether you knew who you were listening to or not, Sigur Ros’ tracks have appeared in numerous television shows, movies, and commercials ranging from CSI: Miami to Vanilla Sky and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Attempting to describe Sigur Ros’ sound as magical is like telling your children that the 1960s were cool; it’s just not enough. From the band’s use of a constructed language throughout their lyrics, expanding the listener’s creativity, to their minimalist yet fully melodic approach; the absolute beauty that their music brings forth cannot be missed.

Sigur Ros is currently on hiatus and won’t be releasing a new album anytime soon. However, leading front man and guitarist Jonsi Birgisson has surprised the band’s followers with not only one but two solo albums released in the past year and a half. The first, titled Riceboy Sleeps, was released last year, using only acoustic instruments. With Go, released this April, Jonsi takes it up a notch; tying in bits and pieces of that gorgeous Sigur Ros sound into his latest solo endeavour.

Go incorporates some changes including the use of English as the main language, as well as Jonsi’s collaboration with composer Nico Muhly (who worked with Björk and Grizzly Bear); laying down amazing string arrangements that are intrinsically woven with emotion and surrealism. While Jonsi is mainly known for playing his guitar with a cello bow and that high-pitched voice, the album offers much more.

In the opening track 'Go Do', Jonsi sincerely pushes for us to be conscious of growth and change. The song’s positively moving tempo screams for true happiness and peace. The lyrics 'Tie strings to clouds/ Make your own lake – let it flow/ Throw seeds to sprout/ Make your own break– let them grow,' urge you to be aware of life’s possibilities and interact with the planet earth as it is; a living organism. Between the blissful falsetto tone of Jonsi’s voice and the flickering woodwinds, the dreamy nature of this song allows you to embrace your imagination.

'Kolnidur' brings back a little of the Sigur Ros goodness, sweeping you up with some nostalgia on the side. Paired with Nico Muhly’s string-filled wonderment and Jonsi’s heavenly pensive sound (and use of that Sigur Ros language), the piano’s steady beat gives the listener a chance to completely dive into the music.

While 'Hengilas' follows the same path by adding heavier, daunting vocals, 'Sparkling Friendships' is sparkling with upbeat strings and rolling drumbeats. The song is thought provoking with its seemingly figurative take on loss and relationships.

While the majority of Jonsi’s lyrics on the album carry a similar abstract form, his message is quite clear. He doesn’t compromise and his music isn’t lacking. Setting a few tracks aside, the album is layered with enchanting sounds, life truths, and deep spiritual insight; all shedding light onto the magnificence of life’s journey.