The New Pornographers didn’t start out as a cohesive band. Canadian musical veteran Carl Newman brought together some of his friends from Vancouver ’s indie biosphere to record sleek pop songs that ended up in 2000’s Mass Romantic.

The album felt more like a mix-tape bonanza than a well-thought out record. The mix-tape vibe is not a problem when every song is giddier than the next and fighting for your attention; in fact, the erratic quality is what makes it work. Skip ten years ahead, and The New Pornographers are pretty much back to where they started; a band dedicated to the singular idea of crafting pure power pop with all the warmth of a bear hug and the sweetness of honey.

The New Pornographers have no problem with visiting a familiar territory on their latest album, Together, hell, they even set up camp there; and that’s what’s so admirable about them. While most bands will explore a new sound and misfire, the Pornographers are pretty content with their place and deeply grateful for it. But there’s something missing in Together.

The best thing about Together is that like the band, the album is extremely nice and pleasant. Together starts very promising with the ample sounding ’Moves‘, a sum up of the band’s consequent mindset where they proclaim that ’These things get louder‘. Unfortunately things don’t; instead what follows is a series of songs that remind you of a very pleasant day at the park.

In ’Crash Hands‘, singer-songwriter Neko Case shares lead vocals with Dan Bejar and Newman. The rotation adds a layer of variety that compliments the bands gleeful aesthetic. ‘Silver Jenny Dollar,’ about being mesmerised by a girl performing on stage, finds the band at their best. ’A Bite out Of My Bed' exerts the band’s signature marching sound and adds some very melodic overtones for a punch. The album folds with the intimate ’We End up Together,’ where the entire band leads join together to deliver one epic chant that ends the album with a craved bang.

Together is a very enjoyable albeit inconsequential listen. It will stay in rotation for now, but whenever you feel the need for a New Pornographers fix, bypass it altogether in favour of their 2005 power pop classic Twin Cinema.