Having drinks in Alexandria isn’t an easy task. While bars and clubs might be few and far between, there are one or two that have been around for decades; a telltale sign that Alexandria isn’t completely void of nightlife as some might claim.

Having gained a loyal patron base and friendly reputation over the years, Spitfire is a pub named after the infamous British Spitfire; an aircraft used during WWII by the British air force. Located on Saad Zaghloul Street, the pub can be easily passed by due its drab brick exterior and small corner location.

Head through the twin doors and you’ll be swept up into that quintessential pub atmosphere in minutes. Obviously an old sailor’s pub, the floor to ceiling of this hole-in-the-wall-spot is covered in gritty, pub decor: war memorabilia, framed money, vintage risqué images, and random photographs provide plenty of visual stimulation if conversation is ever lacking in this pub.

The front room includes the perfect bar for an intimate drink with a friend or two. Six or so barstools line the area while a gigantic-sized freezer is set off to the side where the down-to-earth and good-humoured staff will have your wine or beer chilling within minutes. Lined with red black and blue tiles, the back room is filled with small, four-person tables. On a weekend night, expats and foreigners swarm in and out like it’s their second home.

Despite the rowdy atmosphere, it isn’t impossible to have an audible conversation and it’s easy to get cosy. Tiny bathroom cubicles in the back room are separate for male and female, with a mirror and toilet paper in tow; rare for a gritty pub in this country.

Available drink choices range from your typical Stella and Heineken to Egyptian liquors and wines. While an ice cold Stella costs approximately 9LE, a bottle of Cape Bay Chardonnay will set you back 105LE.

If you happen to be in Alexandria for the weekend, Spitfire is a must on the to-do list. The bar starts getting lively around 10PM or 11PM; so head out and enjoy a drink at this old-time Alexandrian pub.