More than just a lounge or bar, this is the Four Seasons First Residence’s crown jewel. Seemingly conceived in design by a grand lover of life, Library Bar constitutes everything a mature drinker would want in a space dedicated to enjoying a tipple in Cairo.

It’s actually for this reason that the idea of a tapas menu had Cairo 360’s eyebrows raised. Said menu is decidedly un-Spanish; the dishes are split into sections, none of which have any hint of the concepts’ origins. Yet for all the options before you, this will be easily forgiven, maybe even applauded.

At 100LE, the seafood konafa is amongst the most expensive of the dishes, but what arrives in front of you seems so much more valuable. Presented with tomato salsa, sweet chilli sauce, and miso sauce, six distinctively shaped konafa-wrapped pieces of seafood are piled up; two shrimp, two crab, two scallop.

Unless you have an aversion to the brittle crumble of konafa, each piece is better than the last; cooked perfectly, both inside and out. The three shot-glass-held sauces do pose a conundrum, though. The miso sauce, for instance, tasted very alike tartar sauce and the scallops, for example, were far too delicate to cope with it. Each sauce is completely inoffensive, but it does take a shrewd tongue to create the right combination.

A little less complex, the Angus beef balls also offer very different options. For your precious 90LE, the beef can be eaten either with a thick and bold-flavoured tomato salsa or a light and appetising broccoli chicken consommé. The latter in particular is outstanding; full of chicken stock and broccoli flavours.

Proceedings get even more austere with the mushroom risotto, which stands at 75LE. A simple serving of mushroom risotto comes with a generous ration of fried mushroom balls. Both rather plain in comparison to the prior two dishes, the risotto was slightly overcooked and the coating of the mushroom balls was denser than it should be, considering the delicate mushrooms inside.

The variety of the dishes is impressive, with other options ranging from mini burgers and spring rolls, to curry cakes and satay skewers. Prices are a little steep, but it all pays towards an already unique dining experience.

The inspiration behind this menu has repurposed tapas as high-end bar food in the most wonderful and natural of ways. Library Bar’s tapas are unequivocally like anything to be found in Cairo; big flavours delivered delicately.