By night, baladi bars are nothing short of a way of life in Downtown Cairo. While we all know famous baladi bar hangouts like El Horreya and Stella, they’re far from ideal when looking for some privacy.

So if you’re hoping to catch up with an old friend or getting to know a special someone without running into dozens of your Downtown friends, head over to Lotus Inn’s bar. It’s conveniently located by Stella Bar and Estoril, so you can pop over to the more popular bars later in the night.

The bar at the Lotus Inn is located on the rooftop of the hotel. The décor is a bit retro 70s with heavy, flowered draping and glass-tiled ceilings. The main room is long and tubular with four seats evenly spread out opposite from the bar. The hidden secret is the tiny balcony that comfortably seats two or three people. There is usually absolutely not a soul in sight except for the man behind the bar dressed in a white dress shirt and suit pants. There’s only one thing on the menu, and that’s a cold Stella beer for only 10LE.

Because the venue is so small, this is not the place for a group of more than three or four people unless they don’t mind being separated. A couple can fit on the outdoor balcony and the others can drink inside. That being said; this very weakness makes the bar perfect for an intimate get-together. The barman is never intrusive and leaves couples on the rooftop to enjoy their company and beers in peace.

The nice outdoor space and the fact that no one frequents this hidden watering hole is reason enough to give it a chance on a lazy Thursday night. Although there is no termis on site, the barman is always more than happy to serve you chipsy crisps. He is even known on occasion to go out and get some if you’ll happily send him off with a pound or two.