There are times in Cairo where we can’t always resist old familiar dining options. Anyone who has spent considerable time abroad knows that restaurants like Chili’s serve up dishes that we all know too well and that’s often just what we need. Although their options aren’t anything out of the ordinary; look no further than Cairo’s overabundance of Chili’s chains if you’re looking to have a convenient dose of Tex-Mex cuisine.

The best part about Chili’s is the fact that they deliver to nearly every neighbourhood in Cairo. The branch on Thawra Street in Heliopolis has a decently sized patio that makes a great outdoor lunch spot as long as the weather permits.

Drink options include virgin cocktails starting at 19.99LE. Pina coladas and margaritas come served in chilled glasses accompanied by a dainty piece of fresh fruit. Endless refills of soda including cherry and vanilla cost around 14LE a piece.

For appetisers, your typical options are fried cheese sticks (41.99LE) and boneless buffalo wings (39.99LE). For 27.99LE, the bottomless tostada chips are served crispy and fresh. The thin, crunchy chips pair well with their fresh salsa, and refills are for free.

Thankfully, Chili's greens tend to be fresher than other restaurant chains around Cairo. The quesadilla explosion salad (41.99LE) is huge and filled with toppings like tender chicken fajita strips with corn relish, cheese and tortilla chips; all of which is topped with a light, citrus balsamic dressing. Accompanying the salad are four big quesadilla pieces.

Chicken tenders, steak and shrimp platters, and various sandwich and pasta options are available on the menu; though this reviewer prefers to stick to a favourite Tex-Mex option: for 29.99LE including two tacos (or 39.99LE including three), the chicken club tacos are usually quite tasty. Filled with mesquite-flavoured chicken, beef bacon and fresh vegetables; the tacos are drizzled with chipotle ranch dressing. Sides include rice and delicious, fresh black beans.

When it comes to desserts, Chili’s doesn’t skimp on its cheesecake and sundaes. Because our sweet tooth seems to follow us around like a lost little puppy; we tend to go all out. That being said, the molten chocolate cake (34.99LE) is where it’s at. The chocolate fudge filling oozes out of the cake as soon as your spoon touches the top. Covered in a large scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate coating and caramel sauce, the molten chocolate cake is best shared with several other friends.