Many in Cairo have strong feelings when it comes to good Chinese cuisine, or rather its lack thereof in Cairo. We bear good news worth rejoicing over!

A new Chinese restaurant has opened on Mohamed Mazhar Street in Zamalek to cure your craving for Chinese; and cure it they do. Sharing the ground floor with the Nile Zamalek Hotel is the Golden Dragon. Though its doors have only been open for a few days, we suspect that this little eatery will hit the neighbourhood’s hot-spot list very soon.

The atmosphere boasts that quintessential, kitschy decor typical of many Chinese restaurants, while their mascot, a fearsome flaming-nosed dragon, can be found gracing the menu’s cover. A simple layout of tables and chairs fill two adjacent rooms, the awkward design of the chairs may take a minute to get used to.

A broad drink menu includes a chilled Thai Juice (10LE) while a Stella will cost you 19LE. Starting at 25LE, spirits and wines are served by the glass and a bottle of Omar Khayyam will set you back 105LE.

Boasting a wide range of options, the menu is filled with traditional dishes that include appetisers of vegetable spring rolls (9LE) and fried wontons (30LE). The spring rolls are served delicately fried with crispy vegetables in the centre, while the fried wontons are filled with tender chicken. A three-sauce plate accompanies both carrying chilli, soy and a tasty plum sauce. A variety of soups and salads are also available, and start at 7LE.

Main courses consist of duck, chicken and fish as well as beef dishes, barbeque and pasta selections. For 66LE, the kung pao shrimp is served appropriately portioned with well-seasoned shrimp and a delicious combination of sautéed cashews, peppers and carrots. Mixed with a modest amount of sweet and sour sauce, it provided the perfect kick and our dish wasn’t swimming in sauce to stay alive; an unfortunately common battle. Simply consisting of juicy shredded chicken alongside sautéed string beans and onions, our ginger chicken (35LE) was evenly flavoured and light; pairing well with the steamed rice (7LE).

For dessert, we opted for the fried banana and honey (20LE). Prepared in individual slices and fried rather heavily, the portions came scorching hot and placed in a large serving of an odd honey/corn syrup mixture. If it weren’t for the disappointing sauce, it would make for a nice indulgence.

Needless to say, the Golden Dragon is a pleasant surprise, and seeing as how good Chinese cuisine isn’t prevalent; it’s highly recommendable.