While the fast food industry is a vastly growing business in Cairo, big fast food chains often fail to provide Cairenes with fulfilling meals that are easy on the budget as well. Luckily, just when a fresh addition to the delivery/takeaway scene was needed, Basmatio comes to the rescue.

Basmatio started out as a fast food joint in Heliopolis, offering delivery literally all over Cairo – We still don’t know how they do it! With its affordable meals and sandwiches, it quickly became a favourite delivery joint for work lunch breaks and group hangouts. Basmatio deserves a gold star for its food’s neat packaging that keeps it warm and protected.

Introducing a concept of fast delicious meals that are close to tasty homemade food, Basmatio’s menu is packed with mouth-watering choices. Basmati meals include chicken, beef or seafood toppings that will satisfy every fan of oriental flavour. If you’re on the go and need a quick bite, they offer value meals that have less toppings for as little as 9LE.

The kabab meal (15LE) was quite the introduction to Basmatio’s cooking genius: the meat was perfectly cooked and chewy enough without being dry. We had high expectations of the basmati rice – as it is their specialty after all – and luckily those expectations were met; the thin grains of rice were as light as air and healthily prepared without a hint of oil.

While the chicken fungi sandwich (11LE) featured savoury mushroom sauce and generous slices of chicken, the shire chicken meal (14LE) disappointed our hopes of sampling an exotic Eastern sauce. The chicken was well-done, but its flavours tasted exactly like that of a typical shawerma.

Worried about your diet? Don’t worry; Basmatio has diet meals that are just as tasty, minus the rice and with bread and a salad instead. The marines fish fillet dish with Caribbean sauce (36LE) is one of those tasty and satisfying diet options. Although the Caribbean sauce was too spicy, the best thing about the fish fillet is that it’s healthy and nutritious.

In addition to the diet meals, Basmatio provides vegetarian, kids and family meals as well. Offering delicious food, moderate prices and swift delivery service, Basmatio is definitely worth the try.