Sushi, we have always been told, is an acquired taste; it isn’t for everyone. Cairenes lap it up like it’s air, though. There is an abundance of venues catering for this most holy of obsessions, and Bob Sushi makes a darn good effort in distinguishing itself.

The Dokki branch of Bob Sushi is no bigger than a medium-sized bathroom, and hosts just two tables. As inconvenient as it may seem, the spot is quiet, comfortable and hidden behind a shroud of trees. The staff of four is welcoming, the lighting is sleepy, and you’ll be completely oblivious to the usually busy Galaa Square, which El Sad El Aly Street breaks off from.

The menu opens with a range of soups, including the miso soup (12LE), which tastes authentic, and the hot and sour soup with chicken (16LE), which was as hot and sour as it was delicious. There are salads also available, with the tataki salmon or tuna coming recommended by staff as a light starter with soy sauce, pickled ginger, lemon and cucumber. For an appetiser with a little more substance, spring rolls (20LE to 25LE), fried squid (25LE), chicken skewers (20LE) and tempura shrimps (45LE) are also offered; though you may want to leave more space in your stomach for the headlining sushi.

With the sushi itself, you can either order specific rolls, or just leave it in the hands of the staff with a combination platter. Sushi connoisseurs should expect to pay 7LE to 12LE per piece on the nigri menu, while six-piece sashimi and maki roll orders range between 12LE to 35LE. The ‘Bob Rolls’ section of the menu covers more Western-style sushi, including the Philadelphia roll, the spider roll (salmon, tempura shrimp, and avocado), and the awesome-sounding konafa tempura roll.

The general quality is of the sushi is decent. The rice is light, and the vegetables taste fresh, but some of the fish does not. Of course, no sushi is complete without the condiments, and plenty of soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger is available at demand.

There is also a separate mains section in the menu that offers, among other things, tempura shrimps (55LE), teriyaki beef or chicken (40LE) and a beef, chicken, salmon, or shrimp teppenyaki (50LE to 59LE). A range of rice and noodles are available to accompany those dishes at 7LE to 35LE. You’ll need to go elsewhere for dessert, and the staff is happy to pop to the shop next door and buy you a soft drink worth 2.50LE and charge you 6LE for it.

There are few places to hide in Cairo, and the sleepy seclusion of Bob Sushi is a rare find. Had it not been for Mohamed, Mohamed, Mohamed and Ahmed serving, and MBC4 on the TV, this reviewer might have got lost in the hypnotic trance of mixing the wasabi into the soy sauce, and would have forgotten that Cairo surrounds this small pocket of sushi refuge.