Located on El Merghany Street, Onions is a new worthy addition to the culinary scene in Cairo. Offering amiable service and a cosy atmosphere, Onions is perfect for a quick mid-week meal or a lazy weekend outing.

The restaurant boasts a meticulously mowed terrace covered in lush greenery with garden lights, adding a beautiful effect to the restaurant's decor at night.

Once you step inside Onions, you instantly know that you are in safe hands. From the attention paid to every little detail in the decor and the restaurant's overall cleanliness to the fussing over your well-being and satisfaction with the service, this reviewer came to the conclusion that the service at Onions is outstanding. We could only hope that the food would match up to the quality of the service; yet we were left a bit disappointed.

Once we were seated, two complementary bread baskets were served for us to snack on until our orders arrived. The menu at Onions is abundant with options, so if you're anything like this reviewer; be prepared to spend quite a while trying to make up your mind.

After strenuous thought, we ordered the chicken cordon bleu (43.99LE): four slices of chicken breast stuffed with melted cheese, mushroom, olive and roasted beef, covered in bread crumbs and fried. Drenched in a thick, rich and creamy sauce, the chicken had a weird and dislikeable zest, which we later learned to be due to the blue cheese in the sauce. All dishes are served with two sides of your choice of sautéed vegetables, rice, French fries, mashed potato or one side of pasta.

We also ordered a platter of fettuccine pollo (33.99LE): a basic dish of pasta smothered in a delicious and creamy white sauce. We then sampled the cheese burger (13.99LE), served with a handful of French fries. Topped with a slice of cheddar cheese, tomato, and lettuce, the burger was tender and cooked to a juicy perfection. We also had the barbecue chicken pizza (32.99LE). If we were to go by appearances alone, we would have never tried the pizza at all; the toppings were soggy and threatened to fall apart at any minute. But once we had our first bite, all our fears were eliminated.

Since Onions offers massive portions, it might be a little bit difficult to find extra room for dessert. However, if you haven't filled up on the main course, try their light ice cream (18.99LE), or if you feel like something a little more oriental, have the om ali (16.99LE).

Onions' cuisine might not be the best in Cairo; but if you are looking for an evening of comfort food and spectacular service, then Onions should be your destination.