There is something suspiciously addictive about sushi that makes us wonder if it contains some natural drug. Once you get the sushi bug, it is hard to get rid of it and we imagine that sushi rehab centres will pop up around town pretty soon. As sushi addicts ourselves, we get overexcited about all-you-can-eat sushi, which we decided to sample at restaurant Sushi Ya in the Sonesta Hotel, Tower and Casino in Nasr City.

Sushi Ya is secluded from the hotel entrance, so you won’t feel like you’re eating in a lobby while other people’s luggage is being dragged past you. The interior of Sushi Ya is modern with red and black colours dominating the place and some subtle Japanese accents like texts on the lamps. The coolest elements are the large elephant-shaped lamps.

The all you can eat offer for 120LE is only available at on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The rest of the week, an a-la-carte menu is provided. To give you a price indication, portions of six California rolls cost 48LE, cucumber maki cost 16LE and shrimp sashimi costs 35LE. Sushi Ya is one of the few places in Cairo that serve omelette sushi, and 11LE gets you two pieces.

Before you get started, you receive a very funky looking glass plate with a bowl inside for the soy sauce and a notch for your wooden chopsticks. The sushi is presented on another glass scale and arrives in very generous portions. At least 50 pieces are displayed on the plate, including nigiri sushi, maki rolls, oishi cubes and California rolls.

The sushi was fresh and tasty, which is a nice surprise given our doubts about hotel sushi restaurants. While the sushi pieces were small compared to other restaurants’, Sushi Ya is quite generous in offering a variety of sushi instead of sticking to the basic, cheap vegetable based sushi for an all-you-can-eat deal.

The service was very quick and friendly;we received our platter of sushi within ten minutes of ordering. The only downsides were that we didn’t receive sashimi on our platter, and that our orders of beer (29LE) were served in cans. However, glasses of Grand Marquis (48LE) were very generously filled.

Sushi Ya’s all-you-can-eat is a good deal for the fresh quality of sushi and the generous portions. However, for those that aren't near by, the trek out to Nasr City may be quite far; but there are sacrifices you need to make in the name of sushi.