When Cairo 360 first visited Foul Mahrous in Garden City, the street kiosk received an excellent review for its delicious foul sandwiches, and when we returned for sohour one year later, we were happy to find the food's quality remains great.

Located on a small side street near the Canadian Embassy, the street is a bit brighter than usual, lines of small Ramadan lanterns are strung across the street, and the plastic tables and chairs are set out under the light of the street lamp in this small foul paradise.

In the first few days of Ramadan, the crowd is a bit smaller and hosts a pretty wide variety of patrons. On the one hand, it is a cheap foul eatery, but on the other it is located in a rather quiet and serene part of Garden City. However, as Ramadan wears on; expect to have difficulty finding a seat in what is normally a packed venue.

Foul Mahrous doesn’t change its menu at all for Ramadan, which means you shouldn’t expect any specialties like amar el din juice or differently sized or priced portions. On the bright side, you can order the same old items with confidence.

There are no menus here; so listen carefully as the waiter quickly lists all your options. You have a choice of five different types of foul - iskandary with onions, tomatoes, peppers and tehina, foul with salsa (a tomato paste mixture), spicy foul with shatta (chilli powder) and hot oil, foul with butter (a real test for your digestive system), and just plain foul with nothing added but a bit of salt. You can also order an omelette if you’re interested; you can choose between the regular or the Spanish version. All meals are served with a generous stack of baladi bread and you can order a variety of basic sides like white cheese or pickles. .

In general, you’ll pay about 6LE for each omelette or plate of foul and 15LE for a helping of each salad option. Be prepared for the waiter to just throw you a random rounded number at the end of your meal, though; there certainly aren’t any receipts at Foul Mahrous.

Unless they’re still filled, tables and chairs start getting packed up about a half hour before the fagr prayer, meaning Foul Mahrous’ normal closing time of 4AM is not enforced; so make sure you arrive in time to grab a table.