The always vibrant neighbourhood of Mohandiseen is home to many restaurants. Some are terrific, some are ok, and some are just awful. Despite having passed by Solidaire a million times, it wasn’t until last week that this reviewer actually paid the restaurant a visit.

Most of Solidaire is an open-air area; inside you’ll find the DJ booth, a bar and a couple of seats. The terrace is quite large, and most of the tables can easily fit parties of four and more. There are palm trees and waterfalls on the terrace and most decorations consist of flashing lights. The music is provided by a DJ and is awful to say the least. Not only is it awful; it’s so loud that having an actual conversation is impossible.

The menu is gigantic and includes sandwiches, pizzas and pastas, as well as fish tagines and mixed grills for up to five persons. The only thing missing on the menu is healthy cuisine; there are only two salads on the menu. For a starter, we tried the blue cheese farfalle (29LE) and as mains the beef fillet pepper sauce (69LE) and the veal emince a la crème (62LE).

All the food arrived at the same time after waiting for approximately 45 minutes. In the meantime, while waiting for the food, we were entertained by the staff‘s chatty banter that was a little too friendly for our comfort.

Our order of farfalle blue cheese turned out to be fusilli, and though there were traces of blue cheese, it was primarily Parmesan. Our pasta was supposed to contain chicken but this was nowhere to be found. The main course of beef fillet with pepper sauce was surprisingly good, even though the meat arrived well-done and not medium as we had requested it to be. The pepper sauce was delicious, spicy and creamy.

The veal emince a la cream was probably not veal but just beef. We already suspected some trouble with this dish because when we ordered the veal, the waiter asked if we wanted it with chicken or meat. The meat tasted a bit sour and the portion of sauce was very greedy. The dish arrived with a side of vegetables.

Though it has one of the few open-air dining spots in Mohandiseen, Solidaire’s service and food quality failed to impress this reviewer. Maybe it was bad timing or just bad luck, but we won’t be running back for more just yet.