Abou El Feda Street has rapidly become one of the most bustling streets of Zamalek with lots of new venues opening up lately such as Lino’s, Grizzly's and Abdel Wahab. The latest addition to the dining scene is sushi restaurant Fuego, whose original branch in Maadi has been a popular destination for sushi lovers.

The name Fuego, meaning fire in Spanish, is perhaps a bit weird for a restaurant serving primarily raw food that doesn’t exactly originate from Spain either, but with their all-you-can-eat offers, we are willing to let that little irregularity slip. The system in Fuego is as follows; on Monday and Tuesday there is all-you-can-eat-sushi for 135LE and the rest of the week it costs 150LE. The only items not included in the all-you-can-eat concept are lobster and scallops products.

The restaurant’s interior is modern pan-Asian with a lot of nature elements such as wood and stone. The tables are suitable for four persons maximum. The restaurant is not very big but because the tables are divided into booths, you still have adequate privacy. The only downside to the interior was the lighting, which was pretty dim, making it difficult to read the menu.

We went for the all-you-can-eat offer but decided to try a Wakame salad (30LE) as a starter too. When ordering the all-you-can-eat the waiter will ask you if there are specific items you don’t like and if you have any preferences. We found the Wakame salad a bit disappointing as it was very low on seaweed. Instead, more regular ingredients were used such as cucumber. However, we were happy to spot some pieces of avocado. Overall, though, the salad was a bit sub-standard.

As per requested, we received 30 sushi pieces per person. We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t receive that many Nigiri pieces, instead we got a lot of California rolls, hoso maki and ura maki rolls. The sushi all tasted very fresh and we were satisfied overall. The only thing we didn’t like was a vegetarian piece with what seemed to have lettuce inside of it. We were especially fond of the Kamikaze roll (with salmon, avocado and shrimp tempura) and the Dragon Roll (with eel, cucumber and avocado).

For dessert, we had the fried banana (20LE), which was served with vanilla ice cream. The fried banana tasted nice but we would like to advise Fuego to chop it up first and put some space between the pieces, as the meal was presented in a rather strange shape.

The staff is friendly and swift. Whenever they bring you a new plate of sushi they explain exactly what it is you’ll be eating. All in all, Fuego is very nice new option for sushi in Zamalek.