This delivery-only Maadi eatery boasts ’the most exquisite international cuisine’ consisting of huge sandwiches and salads. Unfortunately, our first experience with the ’biggest bite in town’ proved to be a trying one. Mado’s should worry less about quantity and more about quality.

It was a challenge just to place an order in the first place. The menu on Mado’s Facebook page is hard to read while the one on the official website is not only incomplete but also contains food descriptions that are constantly changing much to the annoyance of any visitor. After one call to reconfirm the address, the food was delivered in an acceptable forty minutes.

We ordered the regular Tzatziki chicken sandwich (24.99LE) and the Chik ‘N Chips (24.99LE) and were not pleased with the result. The Tzatziki chicken thighs were undistinguishable from the accompanying mushrooms and the bacon and strained yogurt did little to help the overall appeal of the dish. The mushroom-chicken combination was stuffed into a large ciabatta roll that would have overpowered the taste of just about any of its contents. On the other hand, the Chik ‘N Chips offered a meagre portion of marinated and spiced chicken sitting atop a mound of French fries. The sweet chilli sauce on the side served as an acceptable dipping sauce for the fries; however, any sauce cup will run you an extra 3LE.

These two orders were all the more disappointing because the menu offered little more in the way of appetising dishes. All sandwiches are sized regular, Big Bite and Mega Bite and include the Sweet Chili Prawn (40.99LE/54.99LE/70.99LE), BBQ chicken (24.99LE/36.99LE/45.99LE), and the Big Beefer (35.99LE/54.99LE/64.99LE). Other options include French fries (9.99LE), tomato basil salad (15.99LE), tuna salad (22.99LE) topped with crab meat, and three different types of garlic bread ranging from 15.99LE-56.99LE depending on your desired amount of cheese and bacon.

When the food arrived, the price on the receipt was conveniently more expensive than the price quoted over the phone. Though the difference was only a few pounds, the price discrepancy resulted in an awkward shuffle for more change as the delivery man stood at the door. Having been disappointed by the food and unimpressed with the promised mega portions, this reviewer will not be ordering from Mado’s until they iron out their kinks.