It seems like the hunt for the best pizza in Cairo never stops. Every time we think we’ve finally found the most delicious pizza, a new venue opens up and the hunt starts all over again. After being infatuated with the burgers from Buffalo Burger we decided to give their little sister, who specializes in pizza, a try as well. Just like Buffalo Burger, Roma Pizza 2 Go works on a delivery basis only.

Rome Pizza 2 Go delivers almost everywhere in town. Apart from delivering entire pizzas you can also order per slice. Curious about their various kinds of pizzas we decided to order a bunch of different slices. The margherita slice (13LE) was very good; the crust was thin and crispy and the slice wasn’t drowned in an overdose of cheese; the tomato sauce tasted fresh but we wouldn’t have minded if there had been a little bit more of it. We were however a bit disappointed with the pepperoni slice (18LE). The pepperoni tasted more like regular salami; it was very thick and therefore difficult to bite through. We were very much looking forward to the fungi slice (16LE) but unfortunately we were once again disappointed. There were more olives than mushrooms on top of the slice, turning it into an olive-topped slice instead of fungi. But having said that, at least the mushrooms were fresh and tasty.

The seafood slice (21LE) tasted very fishy, which might imply that the fish they used had been frozen. It had toppings of shrimp and calamari and although these toppings were generous, the overall taste was very bland. The crispy chicken slice (17LE) was fairly spicy because of the jalapeno topping and it fared well with the chicken; spicy food lovers will absolutely indulge in this one. To top off our adventure on the road of carbs, we also opted for the choco pizza slice (12LE). You can picture this as following: a piece of dough with an entire Nutella jar on top. The chocolate smothered slice was needless to say very tasty, however we did get a bit nauseous after just three bites – then again we had already devoured so many other slices at this point.

Ordering whole pizzas is also an option; there are different sizes such as medium, large and family sized. For the health freaks out there, you might like the diet pizza which is made with a brown base instead of a white one. In general you can choose any topping you like, you can also get your pizza with the crust stuffed with cheese. Though we were really looking forward to trying out the marinara sauce, it was unfortunately unavailable.

It is true that Roma Pizza 2 Go isn’t the best pizza around but with the added perk of fast delivery, that goes almost everywhere, it may just become one of the more popular pizza places in town.